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Individidual Makeup Artist Resumes

Yahoo's Directory of Makeup Artist Resumes page showcasing pictures of the past work of makeup artist Brad Smith scultpter/mold maker who has performed a variety of wax museum sculptings of celebrities as well as worked on various movies the internet movie database's page, good resource for seeing what people worked on what productions and in what capacity

Makeup Artist Training/Schools

Yahoo's Directory of Makeup Training Companies

Makeup Magazines


Makeup Design and Info Pages

Makeup Companies Supplies and Equipment -makes movie quality foam latex makeup appliance pieces for the public. Each piece includes information about application, removal, and reuse. Also capable of custom makeup work for small or large projects. makes and sells over 250 premade makeup prosthetic pieces. Also a fully functional effects house capable of doing a variety of custom jobs. individual with a variety of affordable latex appliance pieces for sale. Also a wealth of other information for those in sweden seeking makeup companies. same individual as above link but this is his list of businesses to buy makeup things from primarily for swedish people as most references are just phone numbers. sells makeup supplies, videos, books and more makeup kits for sale including blush, skin care, makeup and tanning supplies for theatrical/movie productions as well as for general beauty needs

Makeup Companies Custom Service Companies and Indivduals Toronto based special effects and prop company Creature Effects based in Pinewood England, maker of a variety of latex body parts, and body pieces and other items for the move and television Industry. Nice pictures of their past work and a nice link section. small makeup and effects company with pictures of some of their past work on line -did makeup work for the film Yaga individual that can do a variety of makeup and costume work - James Rogers page, offering a variety of custom mold making and other makeup and prop making services. makeup artist in the Los Angeles area that can perform makeovers for weddings, glamour pictures, special effects and more

How to/Makeup Information Pages variety of how to information about everythng from wigs, to applying facial appliances, to false teeth and much more variety of how to information from full body suit casting to latex appliances. Has a lot of information about Guyver replica suits.Message board and good links how to make masks and piercing effects. Also information about this australian's past film credits. Link section - site including over 1300 images detailing a variety of makeup effects as performed on actresses in hollywood productions to transform them. Including age effects, werewolf effects and more. primarily a gallery of one individual's past work including makeup related things and a variety of unque costumes and props makeup creation and application information, info about reference books and more makeup info pages mainly just pictures presently, good links pictures and stories about one persons makeup creations over the years pictures and info about a person that made makeup related works for fun such as Pinhead from Hellraiser and characters from spawn site features pictures of various makeup and costume projects completed by two individuals, including a variety of movie based fantasy and scifi costumes such as godzilla, the thing and more good makeup and effects related link section and pictures of makeup and effects projects completed is coming soon

Makeup Chats/Message Boards - makeup chat room/message board Tom Savini's Makeup Related message board Chat on Mondays and Fridays at 8 PM EST

Sites Dedicated to Makeup Effects People site dedicated to makeup man Harry Thomas

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