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Above are pictures of my V laser pistol as used in V. The gun was used by the character Daniel as portrayed by David Packer. This gun is prominently visible in the opening credits of the very first mini series. This weapon is first pointed at Daniel's parents during a dispute over a girl, Robin. Later this weapon is used by "Daniel" to capture resistance leader Julie as portrayed by Faye Grant. In the second mini series V the Final Battle, this weapon is used to shoot and kill the ambulance resistance getaway driver Fred. After his death, Julie is hauled out of the passenger side of the ambulence at gun point by Daniel. This capture of Julie leads up to the infamous conversion chamber scene. Later on resistance fighters create a plan to free Julie. This plan centers around an elderly female character called Ruby. Ruby cuts off power at Visitor Security Headquarters enabling resistance fighters to move onto the grounds and recapture Julie as a shuttlecraft with her in it lands. After the raid, Ruby attempts her escape from Visitor Security Headquarters. She is cornerd by Daniel as she makes her way for a staircase and a way out. Daniel then shoots her dead with this weapon as she walks slowly up the staircase. Throughout both the Original V mini series and V the Final battle this weapon is used and shown up close more than any other visitor weapon.

About the Original V laser pistols


The Guns Composition and Construction

Yes the barrel tip does droop down a bit. All of the original V mini series laser pistols are like this. Even the replica I have that was cast off an original V mini series gun has this slight drooping. Its just how the mold was designed.




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