The costume pictured from my collection is of the type that visitor security personnel wore. The black vested shock trooper visitors were more like soldiers. The gold helmeted troopers were more like security personnel and carried the visitor laser pistol as their primary weapon. Visitor Security personnel carried the visitor laser pistol as their primary weapon much as most law enforcement officers prefer to carry pistols to rifles. I refer to it as a gold trooper because of its gold helmet and gold piping on the vest.



The Helmet

The base helmet is a modifed plastic army helmet liner produced in the 1970's. An exact model of the one my helmet is modifed from is a model from 1972. I saw it in an Army Navy Store. A sticker affixed inside and the helmet's inside were exactly the same. These liners were rough on top as I have seen them and were smoothed by the studios in my belief. Most likely helmet liners from many years were used of slight design difference. I saw a variety of slight design differences in the army helmet liners I saw for example. Affixed to the base helmet is of course the face guard/visor. This is almost entirely custom made and is constructed in such a way as to allow the raising and lowering of the faceguard. A chin strap was attached to the helmet so the helmet could be adjusted to fit an actors head properly. Without the strap adjusted around ones neck the helmet could easily fall off. The visor is very dark too and it gives a unique sensation walking around in.

The Jumpsuit

The jumpsuit or undersuit is the part of the costume that the actor actually gets into. The vest merely sets on top of the jumpsuit. The jumpsuits are quite thick. My particular jumpsuit is one made by the Ohio Work Wear Company. Others may have been used. Female officer costumes were zippered to allow "skin" to be shown and one piece hence no jumpsuit. The same zippered style is true of a costume marc singer wore in the original V mini series. An actors name is usually written in the collar of the Jumpsuit if used in V.

The Vest

The vest is entirely custom made by Warner Brothers. The inside of the vest is black as one sees in some scenes of "V." The vest is fastened together by velcro. (Female officer costumes and Marc Singer's original V mini series costume use a zipper) Belt loops are part of the vest in the front and back. To keep the vest attached properly with the jumpsuit a belt is run through belt loops in the front and back and then snaps together in the front. The vest has visitor insignia chest patch, gold piping attached on the front of the vest as well as at the collar. Two small visitor insignia patches are attached at the collar. Vests were made in at least a medium and large size. The size is designated on the inside of the vest.

The Belt

The Belt snaps together and has a small visitor insignia patch glued on. Such patches fall off quite easily.


The Arm band

I do not have the armband. The armband is gold with a large visitor patch attached to it. I do however have a visitor hat with what appears to be an armband patch attached for some strange reason.


Wrist Gauntlets

I do not have the wrist gauntlets. The wrist gauntlets were attached I believe through velcro and affixed to the wrist of the jumpsuit of the costume while being worn. They blend in quite well with the rest of the costume and few people even notice them at all even in still photographs. The gauntlets worn on the officer costumes have stripes attached to denote rank. The gauntlets worn by the technicians and gold troopers were just red with a deluxe weave type of pattern. I believe their main purpose may have been to cover up the buttons on the sleeves of most of the costumes. Buttons just wouldn't let the costume appear as otherworldly.

The Holster

I do not have the holster. The holster is made of a plastic like material I believe. In "V" I do seem to catch a shimmer in the holster that hints of a metal piece in its attachment to the body. But I am not sure about this.