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If you desire props and costumes for productions visit this sites Production Resources section. Also be sure to visit this sites TV and Movie Pages for in depth coverage of select individual works when you are finished viewing this section. The bottom of all pages at provide links to these sections for your convenience.

Getting Started

Collecting props and wardrobe from entertainment works is one of the most information intensive hobbies in the world. Since such items are rare it will be hard to find them. Few if any collectors are going to have a given collectible item so information is going to be scarce about authentic pieces as well often. Getting started in this hobby requires knowing where to look for items, as well as how to authenticate things yourself. In addition to outright fakes one will encounter cast replicas, custom creations, and even unused backup pieces. A keen eye coupled with a sense of how to authenticate can be very helpful.

History of Prop Collecting

Features a brief timeline of important events in the prop collecting world.


This section features information about some techniques useful to help in authenticating items.

What to Collect Pages

This section features information about ways that collectors often go about building a collection around certain themes or topics.


This section features a variety of obscure terms used by prop collectors.

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