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Baltar is easily the most hated man alive. In the beginning he served as an emissary for peace who helped broker an agreement for a ceasefire between the robotic Cylons, and humanity. Baltar was promised that his homeworld would be spared if he convinced humanity to sign the treaty. But Baltar was a pawn used to trick his own people and all of humanity into allowing their own near annihilation. After this great holocaust, Baltar decided to serve as a Cylon commander poised to destroy what was left of his human brethren spread throughout the cosmos.

Baltar thinks his human focus on things gives his an advantage in dealing with human adversaries that Cylon robotic intelligence does not allow for. In reality his cold ability to take calculated loss and inflict calculated pain puts him on a more ruthless level than even the Cylons. Driven by ego and a burning desire to outwit Commander Adama of the Battlestar Galactica, Baltar schemes, tracks, and attacks a fleeing human fleet in space not just for war but for sport.

After being captured by colonial forces, the devil himself known as Count Iblis gives personal comfort to Baltar whom he treats as a friend. This goes to show just how legendary Baltar's evil is among his own people, in space, and even in hell.

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