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anti-dentite - term for someone who has a thing against dentists. Kramer labels Jerry an anti-dentite after Jerry says he thinks a particular dentist converted to the Jewish religion just for the jokes.

bad breaker-upper - someone that breaks up in the worst possible manner. Elaine had one boyfriend that was stabbed by one girlfriend after a breakup. Elaine also harbored bad feelings toward him after he broke up with her by telling her that she has a big head.

The Bro - term for a bra like device that Frank Costanza (George's Dad) and Kramer come up with to help the heavier man deal with support issues for the chest area

close talker - term for someone that talks in close proximity to others

The Contest - term for a contest the fabulous four had to determine who could hold out without sex the longest.

double dipper - term for someone who dips a chip or other item, takes a bite and then dips again. George is a double dipper.

Dr Von Nostrom - an alias of Kramer that he uses in his schemes. The "Dr" is often said to be from the clinic in Belgium or claims to be a dermatologist. Kramr also uses the alias Pennypacker.

Fabulous Four - term used to describe the actors that play Kramer, George, Jerry, and Elaine, collectively

festivus - term for a holiday invented by George's dad. In the holiday family members gather around, and the holiday is not over until either George or his father "goes down." The holiday festivities are attended by George, his boss, Kramer and George's family on one occasion when George has to prove why he sent everyone a gift of a contribution to a fake charity for Christmas.

flagged - term for a book that has been marked and has been purchased because it has been in the bathroom. George has to buy a flagged book after taking it into the bathroom and no other stores or charities around town will take the book off his hands afterwords.

germaphobe - term for somone obsessive about cleanliness. Jerry is a germophobe. He refuses to kiss a girlfriend weeks after her toothbrush falls in the toilet and she uses it as an example of his affliction.

high talker - someone that talks with a very high tone such as a man who sounds like a woman.

It's Me - term for a greeting on the phone between people that know each other well. It's me is reserved only for one's closest of friends.

jimmy legs - term for a spasming of ones legs or other body appendages in bed which occur beyond a person's control. Kramer once has a girlfriend with Jimmy Legs which drives him crazy.

lady Jerry - term for a girlfriend of George's that looks just like Jerry

low talker - someone that talks very softly. Jerry agrees to wear a Puffy Shirt which looks like something a pirate would wear after he responds positively to the words of a low talking girlfriend which he could not make out.

Master of your Domain - term for being celibate for a period of time. During the "contest" the fabulous 4 wager on who can remain master of their domain the longest. Term can also be described by the phrase lord of the manner

mimbo - a male mimbo. Jerry coins the phrase in response to one of Elaine's boyfriends

moops - term used on the show during a trivial pursuit game between George, and "the bubble boy" that lived in a bubble for heatlh reasons. On one of the cards the game stated in error that the moops and not the moors were a warring people from the past.

mulva - Jerry calls one of his girlfriends (Dolores)this after forgetting her name and knowing only that her name rhymes with a female body part.

opening the vault - to share a secret with a friend

closing the vault - to cut one off, or keep secrets and information from another

Pennypacker - alias of Kramer often used to represent a giant corporate big whig

regifter - someone that gives a gift to another that originally was given to them

schick appeal - term for a supposed appeal that Elaine has to Jewish men, often causing them to renoucne their religion if it helps their chances with Elaine.

shmoopie - term for someone deeply in love that resorts to all the gushy stuff and pet names. Jerry has a girlfriend he calls shmoopie. The term rubs off on George's girlfriend who then becomes a shmoopie too.

Spongeworthy - someone of immaculate blood work, physical condition, and appeal that is worthy of a sponge or very rare sexual contraceptive device which was discontinued. Elaine uses the term to describe how much she likes her present boyfriends.

Susie - a name for an imaginary character Elaine invents at work which only she can get into contact with. Elaine ultimately has to fake Susie's death. Susie is kind of like an alias for Elaine as the other three members of the fabulous four have.

Vandaly Industries - term for an imaginary company made up by George to impress women and further his fantasies of being an architect like Art Vandaly. Term is also used to describe an imaginary import/export business George invents as a cover story to help him scheme a date with Marisa Tomei.

when world's collide theory - term coined by George on the show to describe what happens when one's relations interfere with ones friendships. When relationship George meets independent George, worlds collide for George Castanza.

Yada Yada Yada - term used to skip over less important parts of a story to arrive at its conclusion. In the show Elaine Yada Yada's sex for example. The phrase would be used such as "I went to a bar and came home late, and yada yada I had sex with the guy."

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