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'Mad Dog' not really mad 
By CLAIRE BICKLEY -- Toronto Sun
Despite being prematurely sent to the pound, Survivor's Maralyn 'Mad Dog' Hershey is only baring her teeth to smile. 

In an arresting appearance on CBS' The Early Show yesterday, the former Washington, D.C. cop sang a tribute to her former teammates and seemed to take her episode three banishment in stride. She even forgave the friend who betrayed her. 

"You said you were conjoined with (Ogakor tribemate) Tina (Wesson). Apparently Tina wasn't conjoined with you," said Early Show host Jane Clayson. 

"It certainly would appear so," said Hershey, who didn't know that Wesson, to whom she'd grown close during their nine days together in the Outback, was one of the five people who voted against her until she watched the episode Thursday night. 

"After Tina shot me right between the eyes, I had to give myself a little first aid, but I'm recovering," Hershey said. 

She told Clayson she'll remain friends with Wesson, with whom she's kept in touch since the show finished filming in December. 

"It was a G-A-M-E, a game ... you cannot take what happened to heart," she said. 

Hershey, who chose lipstick as her Survivor luxury item, wore a red cowboy hat, sweater and boots, black leather pants and jacket yesterday and sang the song she wrote to commemorate her experience. 

Lyrics included: 

"Keith and Tina are my constellations, 

Mitchell is the star. 

Kel's a young buck with no imagination. 

Jerri -- la di da." 

It also included a musical invitation to Playboy magazine's Hugh Hefner: "After shedding all my fat in the Outback, Hey Hef, I might shed it all." 

Asked by Clayson if she'd really strip for a centrefold, Hershey opened her jacket to show off her tight sweater. 

"I heard (Survivor contestant) Jenna (Lewis) turned down -- what was it? -- $500,000. Hugh, $1,200, right here." 

Asked if the edited show accurately reflected her Survivor experience, the hardworking Hershey said she was surprised that she was never shown doing chores. 

"Basically, I just kind of looked like a tanned lounge lizard, you know, just kind of hanging out waiting for the 'roos to run by." 

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