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Episode #1 - Aired January 28th 2001

-Well as this is the first review I am doing, please don't be too hard on your critics!:) So, after a Super Bowl dominated by the Baltimore Ravens that finally ended a little before 10PM EST we could finally see this new season premier! So the show finally started around 10:20PM after what seemed like hours of endless comments by the analysts!

The show started off with a presentation of the 16 new contestants who were chosen out of over 49000 applications! And I must say it looks like a good choice for the big majority!:) You can get more info about them in the contestants section of the page.  The first shot was a plane flying towards the new show set with various views of animals, insects and different other faboulous views from the Outback! Then we saw the new introduction music...It's the same music from last time but with new images of course!:) The contestants seemed awfully tired from a long flight (actually there were several flights for all of them) and some of them were quite sick actually.. They had not talked to each other in the plane.. Once there, they had one big box full of items they would need including water for a few days! They separated following their maps to find their new place! Each tribe was to be separated by 4 miles. It was quite a hike and officially the first challenge as it wasn't that easy to find the new emplacements.

The Ogakor clan was the first to find their emplacement while the Kucha tribe was really getting tired and could not find their started raining and things weren't going very well! Elisabeth was getting annoyed by Debb already! But they finally got there and things calmed down! What a first day, it was raining and was getting pretty cold! The main concern was to make a place to sleep. So they were cutting trees, and trying to get it to work.

Back to the Ogakor plan, they were trying to find out the perfect place to set up their camp.  They had a big Texas flag was the basis to their new camp as one of the members had brought it as his luxury item (can't remember who though!). 

They also showed a few imagesof the Kucha tribe at night where not many people seemed to sleep! The next morning they were trying to find stuff to eat but all plants they were finding had tons of bugs on them! As the day goes on, Kimmi is getting more and more annoyed with Debb! Rodger had brought a bible as his luxury item and they tried using some pages to start their fire...

After, Ogakor started to make their fire ! Keith was the one who seemed to knew how to get it working and was working very hard to make it work. He was doing the work with Amber (lucky guy!)... They knew very well that getting a fire was the first step to getting boiled water and especially getting food..

Ok, back to Kucha, they received their first message about the first challenge. The winning team would get some matches while the losers would have to vote off a member! The new challenge was our first look at returning host Jeff Probst. They had to get torches and had different things to do with them before lighting up another torch to win it all. Ogakor took the early lead and never let go to that lead!!!!!!!!!! Kucha had one night to think about who to vote off while Ogakor had a chance to enjoy their fire and could make some rice!:)) The Kucha tribe was a big letdown and some people were getting sick, everyone was feeling down. Debb started telling that Jeff wanted to go, and when Alicia told him about it, he couldn't beleive it!

So on they were going to the tribe council. At that point, Jeff, Rodger and Debb seemed most likely to be voted off. They had to light up their torch at first so that the one voted off would have to give back his..There was a little conversation before the actual voting...nothing important was said except that the other tribe was the enemy for now.. And Rodger thought it would be hard to vote off someone...  So everyone voted (Debb voted for Jeff and Kimmi for Debb, the others were unknown).. So Jeff was to announce the person to be voted off...: Debb got 5 of the 6 votes that were reveiled!:))) I was really happy, I didn't like her very much... 

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