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Episode #2 - Aired February 1st 2001

The show started very early with the Kucha tribe being upset at Mike who made breakfast without asking others about taking the rice. They were annoyed since there wasn't that much food there. Meanwhile, in the Ogakor tribe, Kel was the one going fishing while others were taking some time to go swim in the water!:) Very relax..! They weren't really worried about the fact they weren't catching any fish. Kel seems very determined to find some but nothing is happening!

Colby and Jeff got the message for the new challenge, which put some enthousiasm in the whole group! They guessed it would be jumping over a cliff...and Rodger seemed to be the only one not liking the idea as he doesn't really know how to swim! They were playing for two blankets. As expected, they had to jump a cliff, then swim and do some other sutff..The Kucha tribe took the early lead but Rodger seemed pretty scared at the idea of jumping.. After a hesitation, he finally did jump but was having lots of problem getting to the next step so Ogakor took the lead and won the challenge! Two in a row for Ogakor!

Back to Ogakor who were realising how little sleep they were getting, how bad the rice tasted, etc..!:) Jerri was starting to make new food which was making Tina and Amber VERY happy!! In the other tribe, Micheal was doing his best to get food and found a few fishes! The thing is Micheal seems to search for so much recognition that Kimmi and Jeff were getting anoyed at him. 

Kimmi saw Kel take some food he had found without telling others about it which really got everyone annoyed. Kel said it was grass but many don't beleive him.. He offered everyone to use his blades to shave, the girls seemed to appreciate it..Maralyn was disapointed that the tribe has searched Kel's stuff while he was gone..

Now back to the Kucha tribe, who got the note of the next challenge...eating bugs!!!!!!!!! It was the immunity challenge! Kimmi was decided to not move from her vegeterian policy. She was really sad and expected it to maybe be a reason why she might be voted off.  They needed to eat bugs or fruits or stuff depending on what they were drawn to eat.. Maralyn started off and took off her teath to eat a warm..she got it done! Kimmi was next and got a cow brain so she could not eat it..! It was 2-1 Ogakor... The two next for each tribe got it...3-2 Ogakor..4-3.. Jeff and Keith got disgusting warms but both got it done...5-4 Next were Amber and Colby..They both got it..after taking off the bug's wings..! Tina was the last one for Ogakor..swallowing it would mean immunity as Kimmi was the only one not to eat it..She swallowed it but regurgitated it so it was a tie.. Kimmi and Tina were doing the tie and Kimmi managed to swallow the warm first so Kucha had immunity! They were really happy and releived!

On day 6, the Ogakor was feeling bad because they had to vote off someone..Keith or Jerri.. Maralyn and Kel had promised to vote for Jerri..while she planned to vote Kel off..So on they were towards the tribe council to vote one of their own off the game! Jeff, the host started asking questions both about the food and about Tina not succeding in the challenge. As Kel had said, he voted for Jerri..But Maralyn didn't respect her word and voted for Kel...he was voted off the island...he had 5 of the first 6 votes to be tallied, the other one being Jerri.

In his final words, Kel said he wasn't really surprised to have been voted off as he was not fitting in the group yet...

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