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Episode #3 - Aired February 8th 2001

Well one more show of Survivor tonight! First I must thank all of you who give me feedback about this reviews!:) I know I make some mistakes as I type them during the show so I'm slways glad when you tell me about it!:) Ok, so the show started at the Kucha tribe where Micheal was putting out the importance of food. They needed more to get some energy. He was determined to build a spere to get an animal. Elisabeth thought his idea of finding a pig was impossible..Jeff was really annoyed at him and thought the idea was stupid!

At Ogakor, Tina was already saying it was harder than she had expected, as was Colby who was pressing the lack of proteines. Maralyn found and read the new challenge and it seemed like the reward would be a fishing line! They were expecting it might be more of a physical challenge with probably Colby being the one designated to do it...

The challenge was for the tribes to put some buckets of water and put them on the strongest guy from the other tribe..the first guy to fall would lose...! Colby and Micheal were the guys that were taking the waters on their shoulders. So every member had to do a distance with the water to bring to the other clan's guy... After a few minutes the challenge was getting really tough as they had 400 pounds of water on them...Colby started shaking...but finally Micheal's poll broke so there was a tie..  So they had a new challenge which consisted of a race to bring as many buckets as possible at the end of the distance.. Ogakor won that challenge! Pretty devastating for Kucha after such a tough fight..! So they had just won a full fishing kit!

Colby expressed how important that win was...They were 3-1 in challenges! So Mitchell and Amber went off fishing with Jerri and it was working!:) So the chef, Keith was on to work now! Amber was really happy...I really like her :)  Jerri and Keith were not having the best time together!  And it was good! Everyone seemed to be so happy, without exception!:) Mitchell still said that having a chef wasn't as important as it could be..!

Back to Kucha, Kimmi went to get some water, seemed like a lot of water! She was starting to feel vulnerable and her work wasn't too tough to replace as it seemed.. ! Elisabeth was saying they should not kick off Rodger but the talk seemed to be between him and Kimmi.. She does seem to like Rodger and has said she would not vote for him for sure!:)

Back to Ogakor, Maralyn was singing!:) She seemed to be getting well with Tina! They both seem to trust each other...and Maralyn was not sure about Jerri though..! Seemed like Jerri was having a crush on Colby and the flirting was going both sides! Jerri apparently had told Amber she found Colby very cute on day #2 and was afraid he wasn't interested in her!!! Jerri was seen as doing all this as a strategy by others such as Keith.. Even Colby was still saying he was keeping his guards up!

Ok, back to Kucha now!:) Jeff went walking with Alicia to talk about who they wished to have in the final four! I just don't like Jeff!!! They both agreed that Nick should be voted off.. It seemed like Kimmi also found him to be lazy and to be a possible one to be voted off

Back to Ogakor, there was a pretty bad storm and they were doing their best to keep the fire alive! On the next morning, they were pretty miserable, it had been a tough, wet, night. Keith thought the toughest thing was to have enough sleep.. Everyone seemed so tired! But they got notice of the next challenge! The challenge was going to be tough physically, they had physical endurance, flexibility and team work.. Every member had to finish to win immunity.... It was a kind of hurdles race with sand traps, some walking in water and other really tough things..Kucha took the early lead  but it was for from over.. Rodger fell which gave Ogakor a chance to catch up, he just was too tired and it was getting really tough... Kucha won..!..very tough one for Ogakor who had to vote a member off..! Big breakdown for me too...I was hoping to see Jeff be sent home, hehe! But now I have to hope that Amber can remain there...please ? hahaha! I hope you don't mind these comments too much! Ok, now back to the show!

Sniff....Amber was crying and the whole team was devastated because they had the feeling Maralyn had caused the defeat.. Keith was talking to Tina about not voting Maralyn off... they wanted to vote Mitchell off and asked Colby who didn't agree and told Mitchell about it..!

Now tribal council... Colby when asked if there were people he didn't trust, he said he didn't...Mitchell neither! Jerri said she was closest to Amber (yeah!), Mitchell and Colby! Keith said he had camaradery with a few people! Colby did say he was sad because of having to vote off someone..Now the voting.. We did see Keith vote for Mitchell, Tina voted for Maralyn and said she had made a promise in that sense..!

First vote reveiled: Jerri

Second: Maralyn

Third: Mitchell

Fourth: Maralyn

Fifth: Maralyn

Sixth: Maralyn..was voted off by a majority of 4 out of 6 votes

She gave her cap and a hug to Amber before leaving..the feeling was terrible..the tribe was very sad and retruned to camp....:( In her final words, Maralyn, seemed very greatful for the experience and she said she was tired and wondered if everything had really happened!:) At least she didn't take it too bad...

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