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Episode #5 - Aired February 22nd 2001

Hello everyone! Welcome to this new episode review!:) Today, twelve survivors are left and Kucha has a huge advantage with 7 members over Ogakor's 5! No need to say how critical it is for Ogakor to win tonight to get closer to Kucha but it's going to be very tough....

So, the show started in the morning of day 13 in the Ogakor camp.. Colby expressed the groups growing concerns about the smoke because of the fire..! Jerri and Amber seemed together as Keith and Tina and Colby seemed more in the middle.. Colby would not commit to vote even if Jerri was insisting a little.. At Kucha, Kimmi said they had a bad night and no one had a good night of sleep! After, they had to move their camp fire because it was too close to their fire camp. Kimmi was staying with the kitchens and talking to them...when they went to kill the chickens, she left leaving Micheal a little annoyed with her attitude.. So they ate the chicken while Ogakor wasn't easting a lot..

Amber expressed the hurdle it was being.. (yes, they're talking to Amber a lot today!)..At Kucha, Kimmi started to argue with Alicia over the use of chicken! It was getting very ugly All the other members just looked stunned! Jeff said he was expecting it since Alicia wasn't patient and accoring to Elizabeth she was bossing and talking trash a lot..

Ok, back to Kucha in day 14! Since the fire was farther from their camp, they had a very cold night! Kimmi was disgusted about the water and Micheal among others was sick of her being dirty..! Elizabeth got the notice of the challenge! Looked like they could win some useful stuff such as blankets or spices..! They had to look at the catalog to find what they would want if they won!  At Ogakor, they were preparing as well as possible! Looked like they had to make something to carry a member of their tribe with wood and rope... Looked like Amber was going to be the one to be carried against Elizabeth for Kucha!  Now for the challenge: Two people had to rescue the three others and once rescued, those members could help! Colby and Keith face Micheal and Nick..It was pretty tight but Kucha took the early lead...and never looked back...Kucha again......! This was getting worse...Amber fell to tears as she was tired of losing... :(((( Others were just sitting there stunned they had lost again... I'm also getting tired of seeing them lose..:((( So Kucha won spices, blankets, soup, toothbrushes, deodorant, etc... ! Looks like things are going absolutly perfectly for them! 

Back to Ogakor on day 15... Colby was getting very very frustrated with losing as was Tina who expressed psychological concerns..! Kucha were very happy but also knew Ogakor would not give up! So every team member went out to bath with their shampoo! At Ogakor, they received notice of the immunity challenge and were conscient they needed everything to win this one and sounded very desperate! Ok, here it is, they had to go through the maze getting 5 medallions and get out first. Ogakor got the first one and took the early lead..they were still leading 3-2 and then 4-2...things looking good! Ogakor got the last medallion and got out first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can imagine how happy they were!  Amber was asked about her tears from the previous challenge and said she had joy ones this time!:) So Kucha was going to tribal council...things would even up a little!

Now, at Kucha people were teaming up and Jeff said there was animosity..Alicia of course wanted to vote off for Kimmi.. Keith said he probably would not vote for Kimmi.., he Micheal and Elizabeth talked about voting off Alicia..So, on they were to the council!

The host asked Micheal about the leadership...Alicia said her biggest contribution was her motivation! Kimmi said she felt weird about her role in the tribe..

So, Micheal voted first, then Nick, Jeff, Kimmi (for Jeff), Keith, Alicia (Kimmi) and Elizabeth it was time to count the votes...:





There was no need to read the rest...:( In her final words, Kimmi said that she felt it was coming but didn't seem to mad about it...

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