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Episode #6 - Aired March 1st 2001

Welcome back everyone to the episode #6 of Survivor!:) Today should be quite a show with someone being attacked by a crocodile..There is still controversy about if it's a contestant or a staff member that is going to leave by hellicopter but anyway, we'll know soon enough!:)

Ok, so the show started at Kucha in the storm we had left last episode with..! It was raining more than any other rain since the show began! Rain meant it would be very cold and there would not be much sleep... In the morning, the rain had stopped and Micheal said he felt changed with all of what was happening. 

At Ogakor, Jerri and Amber were complaining about the lack of food compared to the other tribe who had chicken! Jerri said the tribe was speaking of chocolate all the time because they had no sex and the two released the same things!?!?!..:)  Colby was getting upset at all of this and Jerri thought he was getting upset because of course he was involved in the sex part! 

Back to Kucha, they still had the chickens and were actually trying out the chicken food! They picked the seeds and stuff and actually made popcorn out of it!!! Jeff was really happy even though eating the chicken food didn't seem a good idea at first to him! 

At Ogakor, Jerri went off to get little tomatoes that were green but maybe they would be good in a few days! Keith and Jerri were very anoyed with themself..Colby said Jerri liked to insult him even though she had no right to do so.. Tina was also a little angry at Jerri, she thought the tribe needed to get along more so it would be more fun..

Day 17: Jerri got notice of the next challenge..There seemed to be a picnic at stake!:) No need to say how much the tribe was getting excited! Same thing for the Kucha tribe! this would be very big! Not only did it mean the winner would eat but also that the opposing team would have less energy for the immunity challenge.

They gota preview of the prize with one doritos chip and a sip of mountain dew each! The challenge consisted in chosing one set of eyes for each tribe. They had to navigate the blind members in doing some obstacles. Jerri and Nick were the eyes! It was very complicated as both Nick and Jerri were screaming the instructions and were gradually losing their voices! Kucha finally won thanks to a final effort...Amber was so close to winning it! Kucha was celebrating of course while Ogakor had to regroup, again!!!!!!!!

Day 18-Ogakor: Keith was the first to get up and start the fire! The all realised the great importance of winning the challenge to not be picked off 1 on by 1 when the tribes merge! There was of course some tension.. Colby was very concentrated..while Tina and Amber were braiding each other's hair! Jerri went away from camp a little...Colby knew it would be very different when the tribes would merge. 

At Kucha, Micheal came back from fishing with 2 fish...You just sense something is going on... Micheal got burned pretty bad in the fire (apparently he lost consciousness and fell in the fire) and dived in the water... He was burned very badly to his hands an was in total pain..The tribe was watching him trying to avoid the was pretty dramatic and everyone knew it! The Survivor medics arrived on scene and rapidly taped him but a lot of skin was missing. They brought him to the camera camp, he was suffering terribly...The helicopter got there but the whole tribe was under complete shock... they brought Micheal off the camp by helicopter..He gave everyone his best wishes and left.. There was consternation on everyone's faces.. Elisabeth and Alicia were especialy shaken up by the whole scene and were crying..

Ogakor received a notice about the accident and were also very shaken up about the news. Jerri was the one who read the message. There would be no immunity challenge. They had no idea what to happy about not being voted off

Elisabeth was talking about hard it was to see someone go off.. She was attached to him and felt so bad about it..Jeff talked about the intensity of the merge and said they (Kucha) would eat Ogakor up and that was what Micheal wanted.. The atmosphere was very sad...They prayed at the end of the day for Micheal to be ok.........not much to add after a show that certainly was very emotional...

In his final words, Micheal said he was sad to leave because he was having so much fun and that the more he was there, the more he wanted to stay...

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