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Episode #9 - Aired March 21st 2001

Hello everyone! 

Well I’m not really sure what will happen in this episode of Survivor because if I remember well it should be never before seen images from previous episodes! This episode was not planned at first but was added probably to keep advertising revenues for one more week! It should still be a very interesting show, I’m sure they have some things we can’t even imagine planned for tonight!

They just showed the intro and it looks absolutly great!!! It also made me realise that half of this second season is gone!! Can you imagine that ? Don’t fear anything, the third season shouldn’t be in too much time! Just seems like reality TV is here to stay!!!

Ok, the show has just started with images from the plane landing (at the very start!)..They showed the very early tensions between Kimmi and Debb..and between Jerri and Keith! They also showed how Colby snored and kept everyone from sleeping!!!:) hahaha!! At least, people took it with humour at Ogakor! Mitchell also talked about how Kel was left aside from the start of the show..

They also reshowed us images of Kucha trying to make fire…they tried SO hard! Ogakor also gave their best and were close but no cigar! But Ogakor won the first challenge and got the matches….which gave them a chance to cook some rice!

Then the second challenge where they had to jump off a cliff, a tough one for Rodger who didn’t really know how to costed them the challenge! But right after they found a little water fall which they named the Kucha Jacuzzi! The team rallied around Rodger so he wouldn’t feel too bad about being responsible for team’s loss.. They had all appreciated his courage to still jump off the cliff even though it was probably very hard for him…

Now to day 5, at Ogakor, tension built up when Jerri accused Kel of eating without sharing with others..  Keith and Maralyn were very sorry to see others had searched Kel’s bags..! But he was still voted off by his tribe very much because of Jerri.

On day 7, Micheal was getting more and more concerned with the food situation and went out to fish… During that time at Ogakor, Maralyn talked about how much she trusted Tina but again she was also voted off!

Day 10, Micheal was still obsessing over getting fish! He ate everything in the fish, including eyeballs! There were also problems between Micheal and Jeff when Jeff didn’t want to go with Micheal to fish and Mike got annoyed over it… But when he left, all the others agreed it was Mike’s fault and that if his attitude continued, they would need to vote him off, we now know that situation must have gotten better, right ?

Then, the challenge when Kucha won 3 chickens and when Micheal killed a pig..! During that time, Ogakor still only had rice! But they had a very interesting dinner in which they all told each other some qualities one by one which improved the relationships a lot! But Ogakor was back to tribal council, Mitchell was voted off…that was 3 straight losses for Ogakor..  But things got even worse when the next day, Colby and Jerri had a lot of tension going on over the preparation of the immunity challenge and Ogakor lost again…

Day 15, Colby gave his speech to motivate Ogakor for the maze and they won it..Kucha was back to tribal council… Kimmi was voted off! On day 16, Kucha had an accident when Micheal was burned very severly and had to leave the island and quit the game which put a dramatic merge..

Now, time for the tribes to visit each other…At Kucha, Jeff was alreay annoyed with Keith! On day 20, they had to leave within 15 minutes for their new camp! The first immunity challenge was very long…but Keith won….Jeff was voted off which set advantage to Ogakor….they held on to that advantage and voted Alicia off next…

And here we are…it gives us a good review for next week!

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