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Episode #11 - Aired April 5th 2001

Hello everyone! Again, a very interesting show in perspective today as the Ogakor alliance broke in the last episode to vote off Jerri. We will now see if they get back together or if the barramundi tribe is now one big tribe with 7 separate participants. Also, we know they are very low on rice and it will be of huge concern…I think they only have rice for about one show so they will need to fish a whole lot more.

So the show started with Amber talking about how she was left out of the decision to kick off Jerri. She felt betrayed by her own tribe a little bit and was sad the others had not told her about what was going on. 

It was time to bother about the lack of food! They had not eaten in 24 hours and were doing their best to fish without much luck unfortunatly.. Keith was trying to catch grasshoppers and having much more success than Colby on that task..! They knew it could help to get fish! Colby admitted Keith was very good and he would have to learn! Elisabeth was one of those trying to fish but the turtles were trying to eat the grasshoppers..haha! So they got notice of the next challenge! They had money and looked like they could buy food! Nick bought 4 Doritos chips for 60$ (they all had 500$). Next peanut butter and chocolate, Elisabeth got it for 260$ she was enjoying it a lot!!!!!! Amber got Mountain Dew for 80$..Nick got a beer for a 100$.. Elisabeth and Tina bought a turkey plate..Amber got a mystery plate (a glass of water) worth 200$.. Rodger paid 320$ for a cheeseburger.! After eating, they all had many problems going to the toilets since their body had not been used to eating solid food for so long! That was probably Amber’s only consolation (water and mountain dew had not caused too much problems as you can imagine!)

Again, at night it was raining very hard!! The next morning (day 29), they saw the level of the water was raising very fast and they were getting worried about possibly having to move the camp. Still with no food, it looked like a tough day in perspective….Still more attempts to fish! Elisabeth cought a good one! Tina was annoyed at Nick because he wasn’t fishing while he was sleeping all day. Elisabeth was also mad at him….he on another hand felt he might be the be the next one to go..!

Ok, time for the immunity challenge. The challenge would be to light a fire and then through a process, fill water buckets to a certain point..! Nick was the first one to get his fire really started while others were really struggling. Tina went next a little later, then was Keith, Amber and Rodger…Colby finally got his one going..! Very surprisingly, Colby still managed to win it!!!!!!!  I have no idea how since he was the last to start putting water in his bucket! Colby had won immunity..

The next morning, Elisabeth really wasn’t doing well at all…! She was trembling and had no energy at all..Still not much fish out there! Jeff, the host came out to see them..he had a proposal: he said he didn’t think they would make it! He asked how they had used all the rice… He had enough rice for the remaining but was asking for the tent in return. They accepted and took the tent down.. They had to get a new roof as it was looking bad (the weather). They all went to work to build their new shelter out of branches, wood and leaves. And then it started raining!

Amber seemed nervous (according to Colby) about being the next sent off.. They also felt like she might want to hold up with Kucha! Elisabeth also knew Ogakor was probably worried of seeing her go to Kucha…Amber was confused as to who she should trust. On their way to the council…

Alicia and Jerry went out as the first members of the jury. Jeff asked how people reacted to his proposal, Tina said the shelter was replacable..Up to vote..Elisabeth went first, Rodger, Nick (for Keith), Amber, Keith, Colby and Tina (for Nick). Time to tally the votes…










Nick was sent out! In his final words, Nick said he felt it was a gread adventure and it had been a ride, very tough but he seemed to have no regrets


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