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Episode #13 - Aired April 19th 2001

Serious time now!

With only five contestants left, strategy and immunity challenges will be more and more important. Sadly, I saw Amber be voted off last week but this should still be very interesting! Colby, Tina, Keith, Rodger and Elisabeth will fight till the end to make it to the final four. Let’s hope they get it a little easier this week after the flood of last week that made for three very tough days both mentally and physically. With only a few more days to go, the contestants are able to see the end of this journey and probably think about the $US1 million dollars that they are so close to winning.

So again on day 34 it was raining, it just seems to be raining every time the show starts! They had prepared in the eventuality of a new torrential rain that was still a possibility. Keith had not slept because of the rain.. Colby was thinking about what was waiting him at home..Tina was missing her kids and her husband..she seems very down, as is Elisabeth. Colby got the message for the reward challenge…They would get a chance to win news from back home! Elisabeth was so excited! She was thinking about her mom who is her hero. The reward was at the internet outback café. They had a few seconds to say hello. The people back home would get a chance to answer trivia questions and winners would get to chat 30 minutes with people at home. Tina was so happy, Elisabeth was crying of happiness, Rodger too..Keith was pretty emotional too..Colby was really happy to let her mom know he was still ok and also really showed how much they missed their own during this whole journey. The winner was Tina as her family got 4 right answers out of five questions. They got a chance to to say a final goodbye and Keith asked his girlfriend to marry him and she said YES!:) Tina in the meantime said this was the best reward challenge and seemed just incredibly thrilled to have won it! So back to action, rain was very still there! Colby and Tina started playing frisbee, everyone just seemed very happy. They were all in a good mood, good thing since they would have another wet night..

Day 35, after having a day without thoughts of strategy or others, this would be a return to the Outback reality. Colby was mad because Keith was making too much rice, Elisabeth was also a bit angry with the whole issue. Colby confronted Keith and they were arguing. Keith saw Colby get angry for the first time. Colby said he was a fool and that his game with Keith was over, he was tired of Keith’s way of playing the game.. Elisabeth seemed to take Colby’s side which got Keith to feel vulnerable about his position in the tribe. The five of them were just watching the fire and as Colby put it, it’s the Outback television. They were all so bored! Rodger went out to do some stuff, fishing, gathering wood.

Time for the immunity challenge, certainly the most important point of this show as of strategy. The challenge took place at night. They had to listen to a story about prisoners of the outback and answer questions, right answers would give them keys and would help them to free themselves and win immunity. Elisabeth took the early lead with Keith and Colby just behind her…Keith eventually cought up and had his five removed but had lost one pair of handcuffs so Colby won it! He was safe for the voting the following night!

Day 36, now it would be time for the tribe to be cut down by one member to four. We certainly expected Colby to vote for Keith but it will be interesting to see if Tina follows or if she and Keith have a planf of their own! And the way this season has been going, it wouldn’t even be such a surprise if Colby voted for someone else, you just never know! Rodger expected to be out with Elisabeth as the next two ones..and suggested he would be first for Elisabeth to get the extra money since her mom was sick, he was very close to her. Colby wasn’t sure anymore what to vote for… Time for the tribal council, Jeff asked a few questions of course:

Keith said people were their own mental enemies and it was unexpected. Tina said she was starting to paranoy..Elisabeth said Rodger was her outback daddy, she felt something special, she felt safe with him. Rodger was very flattered, said she was tops for his book. Ok, time to vote: Elisabeth went first (for Keith), Rodger, Tina, Colby and Keith (for Rodger). Time to tally the votes..:







He was out…! This is kind of sad, especially for Elisabeth who seemed very sad and mad as we could expect since they were so close..she was crying..Very emotional show tonight..So it looked like Colby finally voted for Rodger…Rodger said he was happy of his road and wished to best to everyone especially E.lisabeth

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