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Episode #14 - Aired April 26th 2001

Hello everyone and welcome back to this new episode of Survivor. With only four members left, strategy will be at its highest of the season. Can Colby manage to vote out Elisabeth with Tina and Keith or would that mean he would be up next. He could always cross over and make an alliance with Elisabeth although it is a risk. And will Tina and Keith stick together or will one of them make try to get rid of the others ? With so little participants left, you can imagine that the million dollars is on everyone’s mind although Elisabeth seems very vulnerable for today’s show. So may the action start!:)

Day 37, can you imagine it has been so long. Elisabeth said she felt lonely without Rodger and felt it would be tough. Tina also talked about people back home that she missed a lot. Colby also missed his mom a lot.. They were starting to think more about all their families.

Time for the reward challenge! We have not seen Keith a lot so far.. The challenge combined elements of past episodes. This is the final reward challenge, the winner would win a Pontiac car, that can convert into a tent with a shower and hot meal..!!!! Colby got the early lead, followed by Tina and Elisabeth. Colby won it!!!! Once again!!!! He has been on such a roll! As you could expect, he was extremly happy to have a new car! Elisabeth finished very close but no cigar!

Day 38 now, Elisabeth was in a little panic because her hair were falling out a lot. They also got a scale to see how much they had lost. Elisabeth had lost 14 pounds, Keith 28 pounds, and Colby over 20 pounds also..!! Colby thought Keith was giving a lot of thought about his strategy because he was taking long walks.. Colby and Keith have not been talking very much laetly. Tina and Elisabeth went out to get Colby some flowers for his new car.. Eliabeth seemed very sad…first because she was so close to winning the car.. and because she missed Rodger.

So Colby was gone to get his reward, he was very impressed with his car…but when the food arrived, Colby realised his mother was there…He was incredibly happy and gave her a big hug. He had a good talk with her about all kinds of stuff..She was very concerned with how he looked, physically very weak, he had lost so much weight. But she seemed very happy to at least see that he was doing ok. He talked to her about how important it was to not let go and keep fighting because he knew he was close to the million but also could be sent off very easily.

Day 39!!! Colby took a shower that he really enjoyed!! The best he ever had!! Back at camp, they were enjoying good old rice! Colby came back to camp with his mom. Elisabeth was just so happy to see someone who cared. When his mom hugged Elisabeth, she was very emotional about it. She brought back presents from everyone’s, food, etc.. Keith really realised how much he missed everyone. So the helicopter came to take Colby’s mom back home which of course got everyone very sad, Colby cried seeing his mom take away but had a huge smile right after..This would surely be a big emotional boost.

Time for immunity challenge! Of course, very very important! It was a kind of memory game. Colby got the first match of objects..Colby and Keith were the first ones to get to 3 matches..Colby 6, Keith 5..Immunity again for Colby, this is simply incredible!!!! He certainly earned his place in the top 3 but this vote will be very tough. Colby said the only one he had given a true word to is Tina so we would guess Keith or Elisabeth would be next but then again, Tina may not be with Colby like he thinks she is.... After all, she did vote off her best friend Maralyn early on in the game.

Cool, two little kangaroos went through the camp! During that time, people were talking strategy! Colby said he would vote to get the money, that it was the only thing important… Time for tribal council. Of course, the last five members to be kicked out arrived (the jury). Jeff asked a few questions: Tina said it was frustrating that Colby was getting all the good challenges. Keith said he still felt competitive but physically not as much. Colby said he would have ton consider the jury when voting. Elisabeth said she was voting by conscience as she had been voting for Day1. Time to vote…first Keith (for Elisabeth), Tina, Colby and Elisabeth (for Keith). Time to tally the votes:


First vote:






This is sad..looks like only Ogakor members are left now! Only one episode left… In her final words, Elisabeth talked about her part of the game being over…with highs and lows, she said she would have won if she had made it to the final two!

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