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Episode #15 - Aired May 3rd 2001

Tina wins, what an upset. The player with no immunities, no strategy and no real distinctness wins the title of Surivior of Australia. The man who won the most immunity challenges, and won the most reward challenges lost the game. That is illogical.

The episode begins with the final three making idols out of wood to sacrifice to the vast Outback of Australia. Each of them tosses them before a great waterfall after a time of reflection. Keith proclaims he enjoyed the game even though he believed he would not make it to the final two. Colby contemplates all that the land has given to him. It put food in his belly and kept him warm. Tina contemplates the little things she misses from home.

Then the final immunity challenge commences. Its a memory game with questions about he previous castaways of Survivor. What made the questions really tough was that some of them were based on answers given by contestants on their game application forms. Most of the questions were of a sort that only the Survivor contestants would know that few watching at home would. The questions included who had tattoes, and who spent many years in Germany among others. Colby wins the challenge against Tina, as Keith had to bail out of the competitition early because the laws of math and how many he hadn't got right ensured that he could not win.

Then it was off to Tribal Council. Tina gives a speech about how the best player deserves to win and not because the jury got their feelings hurt by someone. Colby gives a modest speech about how he wasn't sure he deserved to win but that he felt he had good all around skills that perhaps should make him the winner.

The jury then trots out to ask questions. Elizabeth the pretty girl that I thought was going to vote for Tina because she also was a woman, decided to vote for Colby instead. Jerry voted for Tina with her reason being that she tricked Colby into allowing her to be up there in the final two. That was the mark of a good Survivor player to Jerry. Muscle girl Alicia voted for Tina to win rather than Colby. That was truly baffling as her hard working body builder mentality one would think would lend her to vote for the better player with the most immunity winnings which would have been Colby instead.

Then the scene changes and the host Jeff takes the vote tallies to CBS studios in America. There the contestants gather live and the results of the winner of the show are revealed live. Tina wins by one vote.

Tina's victory shows the idiocy of the jury and makes one question if the tribal votes should actually pick a final winner at all if the jury will pick the meek over the strong, and pick a loser, or rather an almost "non combatant" over the man who won the most tribal immunities since the tribes merged. If the man that engineered who the final three would be does not deserve to win, then just who would? It would have almost been better to pick someone who was voted off before than to let Tina win.


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