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Episode #8 - Aired March 14th 2001

Hello everyone and welcome to this new episode of Survivor! The show today should be very interesting as we will see if the tribes will stand together or be broke up. According to polls and surveys, the most likely to be kicked off are Jerri, Keith and Alicia!

So let’s hope for a good show, here it goes…!! By the way, the next three episodes will also be on wednesday’s due to NCAA basketball! The show started on day 22! Rodger and Alicia woke up early and were talking at the fire..Rodger felt the Kucha tribe was very vulnerable because they were 4 against 5 for Ogakor. He felt he would be safe for now by catching fish..Alicia said the game had changed, new people, new rules!

Rodger said everyone was nice with each other..! Colby and Amber were playing Backgammon talking about how releived they were that the merge was over! Elisabeth spent some time talking with Tina and Tina didn’t seem convinced by the strategy of voting Kucha one by one…

Jerri feared Keith and Tina might join Kucha for the next vote which made her nervous! Tina was still annoyed by Jerri’s attitude about cooking (the rice). Elisabeth and Alicia also rapidly felt the same way about Jerri! Elisabeth was starting to feel cracks in Ogakor, especially between Jerri and Tina. Looks like the voting may not be Kucha vs Ogakor this time!

Day 23: It was now raining which certainly won’t help everyone’s moral! Elisabeth talked to Rodger and Alicia about the confrontation between Jerri and Tina, they wanted to convince some people to get Jerri out of the game! Elisabeth went off to Tina and Rodger to get them to vote off Jerri.

Tina and Rodger came back with the challenge notice that had a boomerang with it! Looks like they were going to be trying out these things:) They had to throw the boomerang the closest to a flag! The winner would get an incredible fancy meal! Alicia was up first but her boomerang didn’t come back much! Keith was also far..Then Colby who was also bad, Tina…Then, Jerri made a great throw, Nick couldn’t beat it, neither could Rodger (close though), Elisabeth (not close!!) and Amber was very close! They measured and Jerri won it! Jerri could invite one person and took Amber since she was so close!

Of course, they were almost in extasy having such good food after days and days of rice! All the others were talking about how annoying Jerri need to say how everyone seemed to agree on this! Jerri and Amber talked about Tina who had a strange attittude!

Amber felt very weird when coming back as everyone seemed annoyed. Jerri talked to Colby about her concern about Tina and Keith voting with Kucha. Colby had to lie and say nothing was going on when in truth everyone seemed to be teaming up against Jerri. She believed him and didn’t really feel vulnerable at this point…

Time for the immunity challenge! Jerri talked about how important it would be for Alicia, how ironic! The challenge consisted of connecting ropes to polls to make squares, I’m sure you get the idea (yeah right!). Amber made the first one, then Nick, Colby, Colby, Jerri (6 times), Keith (17!!!!), Amber (10), Tina (16).. Keith had won immunity!:) Again…!

Time for the tribal council, if everything goes as expected, you will be seeing Jerri have her final words in a few minutes but we all know that everything may not be as showed on the show so there might be a complete surprise! Again, the tribal council would be under rain, again!

Alicia felt Elisabeth was na´ve and a member of Kucha would be voted off! Elisabeth said it had been quite interesting since the merge! The host reminded that the survivor voted off for this episode would be in the jury….On to vote

Elisabeth (for Jerri), Keith, Tina, Amber (Alicia), Alicia, Colby, Rodger (Jerri), Nick and Jerri (Alicia)!

Time to tally the votes!:

-First vote: Jerri









 Alicia was voted off! Seems like Ogakor voted off another Kucha member! In her final words, Alicia said she was expecting it because she felt others might fear her..!

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