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Survivor Links

Unofficial Amber Brkich Website - flash version
Survivor Office Pool
Online Scavenger

Survivor Fan page - features character profiles, and news headlines

Survivor Addicts - features episode summaries, pictures, rumors, a message board and facts about the show.

Survivor News - features predictions, brief episode guides, and lots of links to news about the series.

Survivor Nexis - features gallery, quizes of various difficulty, pictures, and fun facts and comparisons between Survivor 1 and Survivor 2

Cowichan Survivor Parody - parody of Survivor featuring 8 High School Students struggling in the Canadian wilderness.

Survival of the Fittest - parody of Survivor featuring madeup cartoon characters that compete - Features cool original artwork of the Survivor contestants with originals for sale as well as copies.

16 Castaways - features character profiles and news links

SurvivorParty - sells a variety of goods based on Australian tribal themes as featured in Survivor 2.

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