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Movie Reviews By Category

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Action Martial Arts

Blood Sport Movie

Mortal Kombat Movies

Street Fighter Movie

No Retreat no
Surrender Movie

Mission of Justice Movie

Kickboxer 1-4 Movies

Karate Kid movies

Best of the Best

American Ninja Movies

Ninja Movies

Action Boxing

Rocky Movies*
(see separate section)

Diggstown Movies

Gladiator Movie

Action: Cop Related

The Hard Way Movie

Beverly Hills Cop

Action: Spy Related

James Bond Movies

Action: Adventure

Indiana Jones Movies

The Goonies Movie

Adventures in Babysitting

The Princess Bride

Romancing the Stone Movie

Action: By Actor


Action: General

Commando Movie

Die Hard Movies

Raw Deal Movie

Under Seige

Face Off

Action: Crime/Mob


Reservoir Dogs

Pulp Fiction


Last Man Standing

Action: Superhero

Superman Movies

Batman Movies

Much more is planned for this
section and it will be updated often.

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