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First Blood

John Rambo, a US veteran from the Vietnam war returns to America and discovers that for him nothing is as it used to be before the war. On a trip in search of an army buddy he discovers trouble with a small town sheriff. Rambo is originally hassled by the sheriff and arrested on bogus charges of vagrancy. While in jail he is being cleaned up. Several of the guards tease him as they shave him. They joke of his throat getting slit if he isn't careful. This brings back memories of a POW camp in Vietnam for John Rambo. He acts instinctively, overpowers all the guards and escapes for the mountains. A massive manhunt for Rambo begins as the sheriff leads a seeming crusade against Rambo. Rambo when pushed, pushes back. He is a one man army that defends against the sheriff and his deputies as well as the national guard. In the climax of the film Rambo shoots up the town and roams the streets as fires of destruction light up the night. Rambo is ultimately surrounded while holding up in a gun store. He reluctantly surrenders after a talk with his former commander in Vietnam, Colonel Trautman. The man that was in charge of multi million dollar machines in Vietnam could not even hold down a steady job in America after the war. This thought burns in his mind as he surrenders.

Rambo 2

Rambo returns this time in an attempt to free POW's in Vietnam. In the jungles Rambo fights with stealth and leads a gureilla warfare campaign into the hearts of communist Vietnam. Captured and tortured he does not break. After his escape he returns to his commanders in America that betrayed him and left him to die in Vietnam. With M-60 in hand the mission CO witnesses his office shot to pieces in the climatic end.

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Rambo 3

In Rambo 3 John Rambo becomes the embodyment of the American cold war commando. After his former commander Colonel Tratman is captured in soviet helt Afghanistan, he moves to free him. Allying himself with Afghan rebels he obliterates any and all Russians that lie in his path. He engages targets with his Bow and Arrow and knifes enemies up close as he moves further into occupied territory. With guts and determination no enemy causes him to waver from his attack. In one scene rambo literally drives a tank straight at an attack helicopter as its missiles strike all around.

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