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Everyone who is young it seems wants to be older. Everyone wonders what they will be when they grow up. One boy gets to find this out in a way he had not anticipated. A fortune telling video arcade turns a young child into a man. Tom Hanks plays the adult version of the child. He gets a job at a toy company and quickly moves up the ranks from being behind a computer terminal to being in the board room.

Early on he lives in an apartment so cheap and rundown that shouting and fighting can be heard all night. This is quite scary especially for someone new to the adult world. Only a best friend helps to keep hope alive. The friend would travel over daily after school to watch movies and provide entertainment.

Life as an adult is not as easy as it seems though. A girl from work asks him if he wishes to sleep over and he still believes girls are "icky." Hanks uses an idea for interactive electronic comic books to propel him to a position of respect with the boss of the toy company he works for. He even plays a musical piece on a gigantic piano with the boss at a toystore.

While big Hank's hides himself from his mom and concocts a story of being kidnapped to justify his departure from their home. He sings a song "Memories of the Way We Were" to prove that he the imaginary kidnapper he invented has not killed the young boy he once was.

Eventually the big man becomes little again, and can live as a child once more. He tracks down the machine that brought him into the adult world and wishes himself little agian. At least he gets to live as a child knowing what life as an adult will be like. Few ever can live life in this manner.



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