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Searching for Bobby Fisher

Bobby Fisher is best remembered as the preminent American chess champion. This film tells a story of the childhood of young chess champion in search of achievement along the lines of the world famous chess champion Bobby Fischer. The boy excels at chess but yet is pressured into competitions and events by his father. Throughout the movie people play chess in parks and in tournaments. To these people chess was a game of fun or skill. But to the boy, chess is made an obsession, partly by his father, and partly by himself.

The film shows him competing as a child with timed moves and competitions with rooms of competitors. Such competitions can kill a boy's childhood or grow a man to excellence. What happened in this take on the history of a rising boy champion, involves a little of both of these things. The boy's mother says to her husband that their son "Is not afraid of losing, he's just afraid of losing your love." Such was a dramtic speech but somewhat detracts from the literal logical nature that chess ultimately is.

In the films final match, the boy pulls a move combination he learned by another player and wins at the utter surprise of his childish competitor. The movie is definately for chess players and speaks about the inner struggles that occur in the mind's of those that strive for excellence which is never the easy path.

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