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Falling Down

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In this film, Michael Douglas plays a laid off worker who used to work for a military defense related manufacturer. This man does not have a good day. He encounters heavy traffic on his efforts to make it home to give his little girl a gift. He becomes impatient and just leaves his car where it stands and takes off on foot instead.

On foot he has adventures that would rival any of previous knights of times gone past. On his trek he stumbles upon an oriental man's store, and asks for change to use the phone. He is told that he has to purchase something first, he picks a soda to purchase and hands the man a dollar. The man states that the soda was 85 cents. A bit frustrated after his hard day thus far and inherantly not eager for any more hardship on this day, he looks at the man with a smile and says the soda is too much and would leave him no change for the phone. The oriental store owner asks the man to leave, and reaches for his baseball bat. Michael Douglas's character then grabs the bat as the store owner asks him to just take his money from the register and leave. This infuriates Michael Douglas, he gains the bat and states that it's time to "roll back prices."

It seems that the store like many oriental owned businesses had superinflated prices. Michael Douglas walks the isles, the doughnuts are too high so that display gets a nice whack. An inquiry is made as to to how much some batteries are, a hesitant answer is given and then changed to a new price. It is deduced by Michael Douglas that "this whole rack is suspect" and it is brought down by a mighty swing. Michael Dogulas then asks how much is a soda 12 ounces. The man says 50 CENTS. Michael Douglas then says sold and pays for the soda and leaves with the baseball bat in hand to be on the safe side.

His next journey would take him in search of a place to sit and rest. He finds a nice rock and rests for a bit. Two hispanic gang members approach him and ask him to leave stating that the writing on the rock says "This is fucking private property, no tresspassers, this means fucking you."

Michael retorts "maybe if you wrote it in fucking english then I could fucking understand it." The two gang members discuss things and then decide a toll is in order. Michael Douglas is asked to give up his briefcase for the right to pass. He says no, but then agrees with hesitation. He proclaims "you want the briefcase, I'll give you the briefcase." He reaches around for his baseball bat from earlier and whacks both of them. Next he runs down the hill chasing after the gang members that are now in quick paced retreat. He screams " YOU FORGOT THE BRIEFCASE, WHAT ABOUT THE BRIEFCASE." This was quite humorous to say the least. He would encounter these clowns again later on.

After fully realizing the great embarassment dealt to their gang pride, the two gang members from earlier return with some friends. They spot Michael Douglas by a phone booth and open fire, spraying bullets everywhere. They miss him completely and then crash. Michael Douglass slowly strolls up to the car grabs a bag of weapons from them and then shoots them with a mischeivious look. It seemed he was the one that would be receiving the toll that day. Now he had his very own new "briefcase" from them.

Now after a hard day, a nice breakfase meal is desired. He goes to Wammy Burger and asks for a breakfast entre. He is told that they just stopped serving breakfast by "Sheila". The manager "Rick" is then asked if it is possible to serve him a brekafast entre just as well anyway. He says that it isn't. Michael frowns and just goes for his new bag of goodies and grabs what is closest. A few shots accidentally are shot in the ceiling. Rick is requested to specifically fix a breakfast meal.

The portions are not as pictured in the displays out front so a correction is made and a more beefy entre is brought back to our disgrunted defense worker. As he eats he asks the customers how their meals are. He gets no answers at first but then someone throws up. "Rick it seems we have a critic" is proclaimed. After the meal its time to proceed on the quest. The police are looking for our hero so now he needs a place to lay low.

He spots an army navy store. The owner is asked if he has seen the man that just pulled the wammy burger stunt. He says no, and then pushes our hero behind a curtain to hide. After the police leave the army navy navy man proclaims that "You and me we're the same." At first his daring adventure at Wammy Burger is praised by this helper, but later animosity builds. Needless to say some quite interesting dialogue ensues and ultimately our hero walks out with a new toy, a rocker launcher. The movie proceeds with almost unmitgated adventure until the "hero's" untimely demise.

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