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Rain Man

Often in life the greatest thing you have is that which you have yet to even know existed. In Rain Main, Charlie Babbage(Tom Cruise) discovers he has a brother Raymond (Dustin Huffman). At first Charlie sees Raymond as an obstacle to inheriting his father's fortune but with time learns to love Raymond his mentally challenged savant brother. Charlie has run into financial difficulties and is about to lose his exotic car dealership. As he attempts to claim his inheritance he discovers for the first time that he has a brother. At first this greatly alarms him. But he ultimately decides to take his brother Raymond on a great adventure.

Raymond has many exotic skills. He can count toothpicks as they hit the ground and can even count cards in Poker. This skills enable Charlie Babbage to rake in the cash in Las Vegas. Raymond has many quirks that seem to drive Charlie absolutely mad. Jeporady has to be watched every day no matter what it seems. In one scene Charlie even has to knock on someone's door and ask if they can watch Jeporady because if they don't then Raymond would pitch quite a fit.

Underwear has to come from K-Mart in Cincinnati Raymond insists, and breakfast must always be the same each day. Routine it seems was Raymonds way of dealing with the world. A flight would have saved Charlie much time, but his brother insisted that planes can crash, so they absolutely have to drive the multi hour journey it seems.

In the end two brothers become closer, in spite of their differences. The story speaks to the unique nature and skills that even the seemingly dull witted almost always posess. The movie was quite long, running over three hours. While designed as a drama, it serves up comedic moments about the little idiosyncracies of life that leave logic behind, and allow the full emotions of life to be unveiled on screen in ways that logic can never explain.

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