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Three O'Clock High

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The movie begins with a High School student named Jerry preparing to go to school in his car. As he arrives he keeps hearing rumors about a new guy that transferred in named Buddy. Everyone hears rumors about how tough Buddy is and all the people he beat up or maimed at his old school. Jerry meets him in the bathroom and attempts to interview him for the school paper. Jerry makes one mistake though, he touches Buddy and my how Buddy hates to be touched. Buddy tells Jerry at 3 O'Clock in the parking lot they are going to fight.

Jerry thinks of ways to get out of this big fight. He figures there is no way out when a gigantic switchblade knife is found attached to his locker with a note about the fight. Jerry puts the knife in his pocket and gets caught with it by the principal who has a talk with Jerry about how this could ruin his college transcript.

As Jerry's day slowly moves forward to fight time, Jerry has another idea to get out of the fight. He will just drive away from the school early during a Pep Rally. Jerry reaches his car and discovers its been sabatoged to not crank. Buddy sure is determined to have this fight.

Jerry decides since he is small that he can just pay someone to scare Buddy off. A larger older kid agrees to beat Buddy up for a price. Jerry steals money from the school's store and turns the money over to his protector. Jerry got into the cash register at the store by repeatedly bashing it with a fire extinguisher. It is quite funny to see. Jerry is questioned about this and it seems the authorities know he is behind it.

In the library Jerry's paid protector approaches Buddy and touches Buddy while telling him to leave Jerry alone. Buddy then turns about and hits this guy dead in the face. His nose is broken and he is unable to deter Buddy's quest to fight Jerry. Jerry only gets back some of the money he gave to this guy because of his injuries.

Jerry next tries to pay off Buddy. He hands him a wad of cash and it seems the problem is solved. Shortly after doing this Jerry gets a sudden sense of pride and demands his money back and for the fight to go on. Buddy will not give the money back, and now Jerry is quite mad.

At 3 O'Clock Jerry and Buddy emerge from the schools doors and meet each other in the parking lot. The whole school is there to watch the fight. At first it appears Buddy will win. Jerry gains access to Buddy's brass knuckles and then its all over. The fight took place on cars, on the concrete and near the crowd. It was quite a spectacle to see as even the principal and many other school officials watch nearby without intervening.

After Jerry's victory over Buddy's, Jerry worries about how the school will deal with his theft of money from the school store. As the store opens the next day, everyone wants to buy paper from him for a dollar a sheet to help Jerry recover the store money which was lost. Buddy himself arrives on the scene to give Jerry his money back from earlier.

Three O'Clock high was an obscure film from 1987 that many critics didn't much care for. In fact Steven Spielberg the executive producer of the film asked to have his name removed from the credits because he didn't want to be associated with the film at all. Regardless of this the movie presents the struggles of a student's day in High School complete with a fear of a fight at 3, the attractions of an English teacher and all the other aspects of a teenage film that are not as much profound as they are plain fun.



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