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The Time Machine

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Character Profiles with Pictures

George played by Rod Taylor

George is a scientist from the last 1800's. He creates a time machine and tells some dinner guests about it. George travels into the future and discovers the first world war and travels even further into the future and discovers man's ruin by war. In the future George attempts to rebuild human civilization. While the humans of the future are passive, they can be taught, and he teaches them to rebel against the bruttish morlock that raise them like cattle.

Filby(David father, James son) played by Alan Young

David Filby was one of George's friends that is told about George's time machine at a dinner party. Later David Filby's son, James is run into by George in the future.

Weena played by Yvette Mimieux

Weena is the ultimate idealization of innocence. In the film Weena is a part of the Eloi race that is dominated by the Morlocks who live underground. Much like a child Weena is conditioned to go to the gates to the Morlock's lair when air sirens go off. When Weena gets trapped in the Morlock's lair, George goes in after her. At the movie's end George the time traveler decides to stay in the future to rebuild human civiliation in part and to be with Weena mostly.

Eloi male

This Eloi male is just one of many seen in the film. As a youthful male he showcases the fact that their are no older members of the Eloi. When Eloi get old they are eaten by the Morlocks. This male informs George of the library of books that the Eloi have access to. When one book is touched they all turn to dust. When George fights the Morlocks in their lair, this human is one of the first to mimic George's resistance to the Morlocks when he makes a fist and strikes out at the Morlocks.

The Morlocks

The morlocks are a bruttish beast like race that rule the future Earth, that the film's time traveler George enconters. The morlock's used to be human but over time their choice to seek survival underground evolves into something less human. The morlocks rasie the human like Eloi as a source of food and the morlocks are the creaters and wielders of technology on future Earth.

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