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Robocop Prop and Costume Collection

Robocop Alex Murphy
Police Jacket

Robocop 3 Props

Police Jacket worn by Peter Weller, the star of Robocop. This jacket was worn in the scene where police officer Alex Murphy has his arm severed from his body due to multiple gunshot wounds shortly before being killed. With the death of police officer Alex Murphy, Robocop was to be born. Right sleeve has been reattached and its shoulder patch is distressed and loose. Jacket was distressed due to mini special effects charges and cropped from the bottom professionally. (picture was taken off the starticles webpage which is where I bought it from.)

Various prop items from Robocop 3 including an id tag, an OCP police patch, and a Security Concepts wall sticker. Security Concepts was the division of OCP that in the movie made Robocop. The sticker was meant to be displayed on walls throughout the various OCP set complexes that made up the Robocop 3 set. This is unused but made for the production. It is exceedingly rare. The OCP Detroit Police Patch was worn on the costumes of the police officers in Robocop 3. For more info about this patch or to purchase one The ID tag was used by police officer Inspector Anderson in Robocop 3 and features his photo, the OCP Detroit Police Insignia, his signature, his blood type, and a thumb print on the back.


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