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OCP The Company

Omni Consumer Products (OCP) is a large multinational corporation in the business of everything from the manufacture of military harware to public services such as law enforcement. OCP is a company of vision that has entered markets into that in the past were considered to be traditionally nonprofit. OCP is headquartered in Detroit, Michigan. It desires Detroit with to create a new newly designed buildings and plenty of "good jobs". Such "good jobs" are of course in theory to be found working for OCP, a near total regional corporate monopoly which manufactures goods for the world.

OCP's Products

OCP's most inventive products have been products with military applications including the ED-209 Robot, and the products that have come about from their Robocop projects including Robocop and "Robocop 2." Their dominance in the field of military weapons production is quite evident when an officer of the company named Dick Jones boasts, "We practically are the Military."

OCP's Problems

OCP's problems have included a "glitch" during a corporate presentation of the new ED-209 robot whch resulted in the death of one employee by rapid large caliber machine gun fire. In addition, problems maintaining control over their cyborg creations including Robocop and Robocop 2 have given a bad image to the company's innovative way of thinking and hurt its relations with the community. Failed corporate schemes by various corporate officers have hurt the company's reputation time and time again.

OCP's Vision for "New Detroit"

Dick Jones standing in front of The ED-209

The company unveils the ED-209 during a board meeting, one employee is killed.

all images above courtesy Orion Pictures Corp a division of MGM


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