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The visitors  arrived in 50 gigantic mother ships. These ships brought seemingly human occupants. They promised peace and friendship. They claimed to bring technicians to educate our scientific complexes to the limits of their knowledge.
What they brought in actuality was an occupation army and harvesting  equipment. The technicians were to steal drinking water from earth's reservoirs. The occupation army was to take control of our cities, streets, and governments.  The harvesting equipment was to take care of us; to harvest every last man women and child as food or as  a slave soldier force.. 

Armed  with charm and an ability to convert and brainwash their opponents, the aliens took the earth.  The visitors feared scientists would be skeptical of them and discover their great secret.  So the scientists and skeptics were to be dealt with. The visitors were not human as they appeared bur rather reptilian and alien in every sense of the word.  A scientific conspiracy against the visitors was staged by the visitors to gain power.

Under this back drop of events the visitors supposed crises was used as a justification for a need to "maintain order" throughout this crises. Broadcast facilities were turned over to the visitors.
Military forces powerless against the visitors in the air now would be on the ground as well. Military bases were now occupied.

The visitor occupation forces worked with their newly conquered and acquired military and governmental allies. Their grip on cities around the world was tightening at an ever increasing rate.

In traditional fascist theme the battle lines were drawn. The days of  only friendly unarmed visitor technicians were gone. Now such technicians were to be accompanied by legions of heavily armed visitor shock troopers. Armed with superior laser weaponry and body armor they proved unstoppable.

Diana aVsDianaas Science Officer invented and o Diana, a Visitor Science Officer, invented and consistently perfects the conversion process. Through torture and mind games she converts humans to the Visitor cause. Troublesome humans of low prestige or importance are either preserved as a future source of food or slaughtered outright. After eliminating her squadron commander Pamela she moves to kill off the visitor's Supreme Commander John. She assumes a position of leadership and is determined to either conquer humanity or vaporize the planet if she can not. sistently perfects the  conversion process. Through torture and mind games shehe can not.



Visitor patrols walking the beat in order to preserve "peace" and return the world to the "tranquility" it once had. The stage is set for visitor occupation forces in towns and cities everywhere.

Citizen's organize resistance efforts when government efforts fail.
Who will claim the V for Victory?

A visitor secret enterprise; a food processing plant. Humans are packaged and preserved as a long term means of food

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