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Teflon is a hardened synthetic material that is often found in pots and pans to prevent sticking. Teflon bullets were first introduced for law enforcement purposes in cities of the US. Its original purpose was to aid in stopping dangerous armed criminals hiding behind thick protective walls or enclosures such as car doors and other such things. It eventually proved too dangerous for such purposes. Later as kevlar and other arromid based fibers came into existance and were formed into bullet proof vests and "tactical bodyarmor," teflon served a new role. Its use in a new ammunition capacity quickly gave it the unfortunate name "cop killer bullet." However, as body armor technology advances and military technologies (including surveillance, defensive and offensive) progress its need could never be more crucial for free citizens of liberty.

As illustrated in the Original V mini series and V: The final battle, the power of body armor for the agent serving as oppressor is quite an intimidating and effective one. Only teflon bullets allowed the resistance to win the war with the visitors. Future wars and revolutions in the real world may require the use of teflon bullets to fight oppresors equipped with body armor and quick strike assault units. Continued human happiness and freedom requires citizens to be armed with modern arms and means of power technologically appropriate for modern times as well as future times.. V served as the greatest artistic work illustrating the need for legalization of teflon ammunition as well as the need for an unbendable citizen right to bear arms in America and the world.

Currently in the United States, federal laws allowing for terms of imprisonment for mere posession of sawed off shotguns/rifles, automatic weapons, and even certain classes of ballistic knives (up to ten years imprisonment just for possessing a ballstic knife!) and switchblade knives exist. They cause misery and promote the very tendency of naiviety which V illustrates in its most destructive form. Such laws must be repealed and the reasoning behind them defeated. The world's citizens must arm and empower themselves to be free.

To help reclaim the rights of freedom that are so crucual to individual happines as a human being and which served as the central message of the V saga visit the following sites: Official site of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership. One does not have to be Jewish to join this organization. This is basically an organization of information. It provides invaluable information and comparisons about various anti citizen arms posessions laws from varous governments and regimes. Their comparison of the American Federal Firearms Law of 1968 to the Nazi gun control act of 1938 is quite interesting and enlightening. They provide information about what the true source of terms like "assault weapon" is. Correlation of anti firearms posession laws and various genocide programs leading to millions of citizens slaughtered in countries around the world is another invaluable informational service they provide. JPFO is dedicated to preventing genocide and fully documenting past genocides amounting to more than 57 million dead. Official site of the Citizens committee for the right to keep and bear arms Official site of Gunowners of America one of the best non profit organizations dedicated to restablishing the citizens right to standard side arms of US military forces (automatic M-16 currently) as well as all lesser arms. Through grass roots petitions and political actions they serve as the only no compromise organization dedicated without waiver or indecision on the matter of the citizen's right to keep and bear arms. World's largest organization whose stated mission is preserving the citizens right to keep and bear arms. However much of their time and resources are spent on preserving unrelated hunting rights. In addition this organization actually proposed adopting unconstitutional national computerized registeries of firearms ownership lists under the guise of preventing criminals from getting guns through a convenient instantaneoous background check. Organzation appears to have no desire of restablishing citizen rights to standard arms of United States military forces. The NRA favors elite governmental systems of selective concealed firearms carry by citizens rather than the most just blanket allowance of concealed firearms carry by all and not just the ones that wish to be fingerprinted, photographed, registered and treated like criminals by their goverment.

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