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1000 impressions $5

10,000 impressions $40

banner displayed on homepage for a month at least 2500 impressions maybe far more. Excellent for Reaching the largest number of unique visitors. $20

Banners are the traditional most favored means of web based advertising. They are excellent for promoting sites hard to describe with words and that are better served with pictoral and visual descriptions. Their "razzle dazzle" nature tends to drive more initial clickthrus as well. Not as effective for targeted visitors as text links. But great for raw quantities.


1000 impressions $2.50

10,000 impressions $20

Button banners are placed near the bottom of the pages. This maximizes the clickthru rate for "scrollers." Also they are excellent for reinforcing brand names and creating curisity in your site over time. The buttons are right above the links used to navigate throughout the site so they will be seen.


placed near the top of the page

1000 displays $3

10,000 displays $25

Placed on home page for a month at least 2500 times displayed perhaps far more $10 Excellent for reaching almost all unique users.

The advantage of textual paid links is that the most interested individuals in your goods or services will be far more likely to visit your site. With banners and graphical enticements often those easily dazzled will see your site more often than those most interested in your products. Textual descriptions entice highly topic focused people to respond. They work in classified ads for everything from cars to houses in traditional media and they work on the internet too.

Please Fill Out this site's Advertiser Interest Form For More Info on Advertising

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