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4th Auction Benefiting Stand For children

Items sold in this Universal Studios Online Auction, benefiting
Stand For Children, included:

ˇ Brandon Lee's costume from The Crow sold for $3,500.
ˇ A first class dining chair from Titanic sold for $2,250.
ˇ A violin autographed by Gloria Stewart and Celine Dion sold for $900.
ˇ A first-season working V-Pal from Seaquest DSV sold for $750.
ˇ A "Level 2" rehab suit from RoboCop 3 sold for $480.
ˇ Verdell's framed photo as used in As Good as it Gets sold for $250.
ˇ A movie slate from Sphere sold for $375.

5th Auction Ended June 28, 1998 Benfiting Woman In Film

Items in this auction included:
ˇ One of the original bottles used on the long-running TV series, I
Dream of Jeannie, signed by star Barbara Eden.
ˇ A Godzilla script signed by Matthew Broderick, Jean Reno, Hank Azaria,
and Maria Pitillo.
ˇ Jason Alexander's personal script, containing his notes and screen
direction, from Seinfeld's most talked-about episode, The Contest.
ˇ A walk-on part in the upcoming Imagine Entertainment/Eddie Murphy film
Nutty Professor II.
ˇ The white high school prom dress worn by Jennie Garth on Beverly Hills
ˇ Arnold Schwarzenegger's complete "Turbo Man" costume from his 1996
20th Century Fox film, Jingle All The Way
ˇ Nicolas Cage's magnetic prison boots from the 1997 John Woo film,
ˇ A complete first class dining set used in James Cameron's Titanic.
ˇ A piece of the Death Star from the 1977 George Lucas classic Star
ˇ Original artwork used to create an album cover for the 1970's rock
band, KISS.
ˇ An original Freddie Kruger mask from the 1984 horror film, Nightmare
on Elm Street.

6th Auction Ended July 26, 1998

August 1998 Auction Bendifiting Children's Self Defense Fund

Items sold in August's Universal Studios Online Auction, benefiting the
Children's Defense Fund, included:

ˇ From the summer's #1 film, Armageddon, a movie poster autographed by
Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck and Liv Tyler for $1122.
ˇ A move poster from Titanic, signed by James Cameron, Leonardo
DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, Billy Zane, Kathy Bates and Bill Paxton for
ˇ Magnum P.I.'s Detroit Tigers hat for $655.
ˇ A dress worn by Grace Lee Whitney in the classic TV series, Star Trek,
for $4400.
ˇ Jacket worn by Ryan Phillippe in I Know What You Did Last Summer for
ˇ Original film program from Gone With The Wind for $963.

Ending September 20, 1998

Items sold in this auction included:

ˇ An original Emmy (base has been removed).
ˇ An original robe worn by Charlton Heston in Ben Hur.
ˇ Ryan O'Neal's jacket from Love Story.
ˇ Scorpion Sword used by Kevin Sorbo in Hercules: The Legendary
ˇ From the Nicolas Cage film, Snake Eyes, a promotional electronic Black
Jack game.
ˇ An Idic pendant worn by Mr. Spock on Classic Star Trek.
ˇ A scripts from the Seinfeld episode "The Pilot," and "George
Costanza"'s copy of the "Jerry" pilot!

10th Auction Ending October 18, 1998

Items in the latest auction include:
ˇ A life-size (5 feet tall) costume of Cousin Itt from the 1991
Paramount Pictures film, The Addams Family.
ˇ An actual "Freddy Krueger" Mask and Sweater used by Robert Englund in
the Nightmare on Elm Street series.
ˇ A film-worn lifevest from James Cameron's Titanic.
ˇ An autographed poster featuring the cast of the 1996 Dimension Films
thriller, Scream.
ˇ "Durant's" cigar box of fingers from Sam Raimi's 1990 Universal film,
ˇ A briefcase and a video copy of Barry Levinson's 1997 topical film,
Wag the Dog.
ˇ Brandon Lee's moleskin shirt from the 1994 Paramount film, The Crow.
ˇ Fashion frightmaster Liberace's personal Unocal 76 card.
ˇ A framed personal check from the original master of horror and macabre
Vincent Price.

November Auction Benefiting the Starlight Foundation

Items sold in this last Universal Studios Online Auction, which benefited
The Starlight Foundation, included:
    -- Autographed movie poster from the 1998 20th Century Fox film The
X-Files, signed by Gillian Anderson, David Duchovny and cast for $742.
    -- Framed Alfred Hitchcock signed letter on personal stationery for
    -- Custom suede jacket made to fit actress Barbara Stanwyck for
    -- From the 1997 20th Century Fox animated film Anastasia, an
animation cell autographed by the animators and the book "Anastasia's
Album" for $385.
    -- A dinner plate, T-shirt, and poster (including certificate of
authenticity) from the 1997 Academy AwardŽ-winning film Titanic for
    -- Promotional license plate from the 1996 Gramercy Pictures Academy
AwardŽ-winning film Fargo for $55.

Auction Ending December 28 1998 Benefiting Musicares

Some of the 214 items that sold in this auction, which benefited

- A limited edition replica of the sword seen in the 1998 TriStar
Pictures movie, Mask of Zorro, starring Antonio Banderas for $880.
- A bathrobe which was a gift to the crew of Star Trek Voyager, sold for
- An autographed photo, songbook and shirt from CBS television movie,
Legend of Cadillac Jack, all signed by artist Clint Black, for $99.
- An autographed photo of the main cast of Babylon 5, sold for $473.
- A blue sequined dress worn on stage by Jazz great, Ella Fitzgerald for
- An autographed photo of R&B singer and actress, Brandy sold for

Janurary 1999

Items sold in this Universal Studios Online Auction, which benefited
Share Our Strength, included:
* Brad Pitt’s costume from Sleepers sold for $286.
* A costume and sword from Lawnmower Man II sold for $1,100.
* A dinner plate from Titanic sold for $330.
* An autographed script from Just Shoot Me sold for $176.
* A framed cigar from comedy legend George Burns sold for $275.
* A Close Encounters of the Third Kind photo autographed by Steven
Spielberg sold for $154.

February 1999

Items sold in this Universal Studios Online Auction, which benefited
The American Lung Association, included:
* Woody Harrelson’s complete outfit from Kingpin sold for $578.
* Ben Stiller’s outfit from the opening scene of There’s Something About
Mary sold for $468.
* A prop statue from Paramount’s classic Star Trek sold for $572.
* Autographed photos of the cast of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Ally
McBeal, and Dawson’s Creek sold for between $55 and $319.
* Muse Watson’s raincoat from I Still Know What You Did Last Summer sold
for $550.
* A bowtie owned by the late great comic George Burns sold for $72.
* Jeff Bridges costume from The Big Lebowski sold for $440.

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