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Autograph Collecting Basic Info Pages (page delivers not found error, site may have moved) celebrity e-mail addresses, celebrity mailing addresses, autograph resources, links, and more excellent links

Andrew's Autographs Through The Mail - Hundreds of addresses of celebrities, sports stars, and Nascar drivers. Plus success both through postal mail and e-mail

Mike's Autograph's by Mail - This site has many addresses and info on who signs through the mail!

How to contact a celebrity - How to contact a celebrity

Todd's Sports autographs - Autograph successes via the mail.

Autograph! - Autographs pics addresses

bmg's Autograph Homepage - Site includes autograph successes both by mail and by email.

Rich's Autograph Page - This page lists an extensive autograph collection, both in person and through the mail.

B's Sport Autographs - Collecting autographs through the mail.

Kirk's Celebrity Autographs Webpage - Celebrity addresses, collecting tips, a photo gallery and more

Autograph Collectors Dream - A place to buy an autograph guide for those who love collecting autgraphs!

Terrell's Autograph Page - Site deals with the popular hobby of autograph collecting.

Lucky's Autograph Page - Your guide to collecting autographs through the mail of your favoirte celebrities or Sports stars.

Jay's Page of Athletes who Sign Via the Mail - Devoted entirely to the pursuit of autographs through the mail.

Dans Killer Autographs - Great page for autograph collectors.

Seska's Place - Actors, Academy Awards, Autographed photos and Celebrity Mail Address's.

Collections on Display (Buck Rogers autographs on display) (V tv series autographs on display)

The Men of Star Trek - Autographs/photos of actors on Star Trek-TOS & TNG series.

Matt's Celebrity Hangout - British autograph collecting web site - 300+ scans of signed photographs; 500+ tested addresses

Autograph Collecting Groups/Events

Professional Autograph Dealers Association - selective consortium of autograph dealers who adhere to
a strict code of ethics. Services include buying & selling autographs, collection consultation,
authentication, & auction representation. Universal Autograph Collectors Club


Autograph World Specializing in the sale of celebrity autographs. U.A.C.C. registered dealer specializing in signed and unsigned celebrity photos of all sorts. Star wars, Star Trek, and other themed autograph collections as well as individual celebrity autographs

Dean Martin trading post - Sweden - Rare Dean items for sale.

Larry "The Autograph Man" - Western Canada's largest selection of Hockey, Baseball and Celebrity autographs.

UK Sports Autographs - UK based site containing soccer, motor racing, cricket, golf, tennis, boxing and other sport autographs.

Soccer Stars plus - Specializing in soccer autographs,from legend to current stars we have it all, also Boxing,Basketball,Celebrity and Beanie Babies.

Autographes France - France and USA Autographs movies, music.

J's Unsigned Sports Photos - Unsigned photos of NBA, NFL, MLB, & NHL players past and present all officially licensed.

Autograph Collecting Magazines Autograph Times Newspaper

Autograph Collecting Books and Printed Publications (page delivers not found error, site may have moved) (page delivers not found error, site may have moved)

Autograph Newsgroups/Message Boards

Alt.Collecting.Autographs newsgroup
Alt.Binaries.Autographs newsgroup
Alt.Autograph.Transactions newsgroup
Alt.Collecting.Autographs FAQ
"Autographs" Internet Mailing List
Autograph Collectors Mailing List

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