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Chat is a term for a way of conversing via the internet. Such methods of communication can take place via web browser based means (web based chat) or via other software clients and server networks such as IRC and the varous internet phone software software clients and servers.

IRC - an abbeviation for internet relay chat, a popular form of internet chat involving in essence text only chat which updates in an almost real time fashion and that requires a specific stand alone irc browser. IRC allows one to participate in conversation among varous irc server groups which have thousands of users online to talk with and thousands of diverse channels to talk in. download site for mirc the most popular irc browser, runs only on PC's download and information site for ircle the most popular irc client for the Mac another irc client for the Mac pirch another popular irc client only for Windows 95/98 and NT platforms IRC networks, chat channels and more

WEB-BASED CHAT - traditional method of chatting via internet browsers such as Netscape and Internet Explorer list of web based chats

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