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SEARCH ENGINES SPIDER BASED STANDALONE one of the oldest search engines with consistantly one of the largest numbers of pages indexed. search engine started by Fast of Norway which briefly held the title of most indexed webpages search engine employing a unique segmented group of results for searches. It returns popular pages, news pages, Open Directory Project Pages, and pages spidered from the rest of the internet. home of aolsearch the only search engine currently using Open Directory Project page keywords, and titles on as the primary source for the pages it returns. search engine with a large number of sites indexed spider based search engine owned by Disney that lists Go Directory categories at the top of search results when they are available. top 10 results returned are based on direct hit techologies which returns the sites most selected via search and which are stayed at the longest by visitors. Uses ODP based directory as well. an unequalled search engine of news group postings from around the world spider based search engine that used to be the chief enigne used by AOL, now AOL uses its own search engine. Excite uses looksmart as the source for it's directory. relatively unknown search engine that is among the top ten search engines used in the world. (unique with results often totally unrelated to searches) (displays results based on popularity or sites often visited for the given key words, amazing) searchable database of video files that are downloadable on everything from news to entertainment

META SPIDER BASED SEARCH ENGINES returns search results from multiple search engines all at once unique meta search engine which returns pages which appear in the top ten results on the most number of search engines.

Directories Human Maintained - the oldest human maintatined directory of the internet. Strong focus on business and industry sites, and regional sites. A large percentage of sites added to yahoo daily fall into these categories. The Open Directory Project (ODP) Index mainted by 20,000 + volunteer editors. ODP data can be used by any site provided proper copyright credit is given. ODP data is in use by AOL, Netscape, Hotbot, Lycos, Altavista, and others. Directory is strongest in special interest and entertainment areas. Small directory with limited number of entries in the main directory. The site has a "live directory" of all sites submitted and this is a great way to find new sites the big directories have not added yet. Large directory which catalogs data into as many subcategories as possible. Many subpages from sites are listed here that would not be listed in Snap or Yahoo.'s Index the Go Networks directory maintained by volunteer editors. Size of index is very small. Sites must be approved by one or two editors before being added to the directory. There is no screening process for editors, so the general public adds things in a sporadic manner. The site employees a three star rating system used to determine the order of sites in the directory.

Directories Automated browse sites which are a part of the linkexchange banner network browse sites which are hosted in geocities browse sites which are hosted in tripod submitted sites are added to the category they are submitted to


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