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Visit the prop and costume collecting portion of this site for info on original and reproduction star trek costumes and props


Episode Summaries/Episode Guides tribble episode info detailed original series plot summaries episode guide (animated series and original series) with air date and title ** original series animated series and modern star trek episode guides as well as other episode guides (site delivers 404 page not found error, site is believed to have moved)

Parody Sites star trek lost episode video info which was an episode made by borrowing footage from previous shows and other sources star trek parady and links

Multimedia images and sounds pictures, sounds, news downloadable sound files Orginal series sights and sounds star trek language translator, audio files and other info

Foreign Language Sites Portugese Star Trek site

Miscellaneous convention info some info about props made for conventions site about Spocks somewhat illogical nature from time to time general info page lost races of star trek site information about the actors and actresses, links, pictures, trivia and stories good links good links, star trek computer art,Geroge Takei (sulu) info, and more small star trek fabric pieces from studio that were used to make the tunics for sale

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