This site began like most things do as a simple hobby. In the beginning it was just a list of sites and contact info saved as a txt file for my own reference. But eventually that text list became just too cumbersome to use; so work was begun on a site partly to help me organize my own materials for my own use. At first it was just a list of sites dealing with production used memorabilia along with pictures of my collection and a few small pages about the V tv series in essence. Then after getting so many requests for sci-fi replica items I began catalouging and indexing those sites as well that at first I had scorned as they tend to be all that one finds with search engines and newsgroups on this topic. After I started to have a fairly good index of the replica sites I began to get new sorts of visitors from the search engines. These visitors wanted props and costumes for plays, productions, and various other performances. So I began indexing these sites and still continue to do this at this point.

The site began as a simple site on a university server in Greensboro, North Carolina. Initially a robots.txt file on the servers designed to limit bandwidth needed was preventing most of the search engines from indexing the site. But this challenge was met by submitting pages at and referring that traffic then to the site at UNCG. In the end excite one of the search engines the site was listed on well dropped the site from its index for no apparent reason but in the beginning that extra bit of traffic it gave proved crucial to helping the site establish an audience for this site's very focused topic. Space limitations and search engine difficulties as well as other factors finally prompted me to register a domain name in January 1998 and prepare to move the site to a much larger permanent home. Orginally I wished to register because the UNCG site was called prop world but that was taken so I opted for instead which is easier to remember anyhow. Today the site covers a wide range of topics including:

1. Production used hollywood memorabilia collecting

2. Production resources for video and movie productions

3. TV series and Movie Pages

4. All areas of the production, memorabilia and story from the V TV Series

5. Indexing of useful sites of the web (in essence an expansion of the old sites link section)

A lot is planned for the future and in the end I hope this site is as much fun for site visitors as it was for me to create.



Mark Crawley, Site Founder

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