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Newsletter #1 April 5, 1999
Newsletter #3 May 18, 1999
Newsletter #2 May 6, 1999
Newsletter #4 August 21, 1999
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This is an archive of past newsletters sent via e-mail to subscribers. The newsletter provides information about updates to In addition it serves as the world's best news resource about unique and exotic collectibles such as celebrity clothing, movie guns, Sci-fi spaceships, and replicas of the most interesting items in the world. More explicitly this info would include movie props, movie prop replicas, movie props for sale, movie prop auctions, original movie props, James Bond movie props, Batman movie props, horror movie props, movie prop guns, movie prop badges, movie prop weapons, and movie wardrobe. In short this would be movie prop and costume info of all sorts of interest to collectors, propmasters, replicators, scale model builders and movie fans in general.


Movieprop Newsletter #1 April 5, 1999

In this issue:

*Flash Gordan Grenade first $300 then $350 now $2250

*Starwares featured on national television show

*Original V costume featured briefly on a recent saved by the bell the new class episode

*Robotech/V toy gun first its a toy, then its a stunt V weapon, but really it was considered for use in the masters of the universe movie.

*Heather Holmberg auction is now real time on the internet current auction ends Thursday April 8th

* site progress's Newsletter #2 May 6, 1999

In this issue:

Site moves to its own domain

Startifacts puts Kiss music costumes and musical instruments up for sale for more than $250,000

Texas Sci-fi Convention features several Star Wars ANH celebrity stars

Lucas Arts shuts down and forces to cease producton of their replica stormtrooper armor

You might be a propcollector humor

For sale: Robocop 3 OCP police Patches's Newsletter #3 May 18, 1999

In this issue:

MTV Hosts auction of Music and Hollywood Related Memorabilia on ebay. Info at

Toys R Gus one of the greatest Star Wars Collecting sites in the world was involved in a domain name dispute with Toys R US

Battlestar Galactica ship recently restored

General Trivia/Knowledge Test

Site Updates: Message Board added that supports picture url's, Battlestar Galactica section updated and more

Planned Future Site Updates's Newsletter #4 August 21, 1999


In this Issue:



Starwares moves to its own domain.

Newline cinema starts its own online auctions of production used items

Apemania is granted a license to produce Planet of the Apes Gorilla bust replicas

New Dealers and


*New Site Additions** launches anime and manga section with detailed coverage of the Macross/Robotech saga launches Rocky movie pages

Alien Nation Pages updated

Additional prop and costume collecting related message boards have been found


*Planned Future Site Additons/Updates

The Legacy of Video Games; historical, cultural, and corporate. Initial Focus on the history of Atari in all its various forms over the years.

Production resources section redesign and new material

Prop and Costume Collecing section work in progress

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