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OFFICIAL RESTAURANT SITES Planet Hollywood's Official site official site of London's Planet Hollywood. Features information about Planet Hollywood's beginnings as well as information about the menu and merchandise available from the London Planet Hollywood. Features links to related sites also. Official site of the Cape town, South Africa Planet Hollywood. Information about the bombing of the Planet Hollywood in Capetown South Africa which occured on August 25, 1998 as well as the subsequent relief fund.. Official site Indianapolis, Indiana Planet Hollywood

UNOFFICIAL RESTAURANT SITES Planet Hollywood Amsterdam Netherlands Page very brief site about Maui, Hawaii Planet Hollywood small site with brief information about Miami Planet Hollywood Information about Myrtle Beach Planet Hollywood San Antonio Planet Hollywood Page San Francisco Planet Hollywood Page Singapore Planet Hollywood Page Sydney Australia, Planet Hollywood Page

COLLECTING SITES Planet Hollywood Pin Collecting Page, very extensive (planet hollywood pin, links) Planet Hollywood and Hard Rock Cafe Shot Glass Collecting Site (shot glasses) (reviews of planet hollywood's visited)

OTHER SITES financial and current Corporate info on Planet Hollywood info about planet hollywood site

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