SITE STATISTICS March 11, 1999


Average page views per day 400-500 (as determined by linkexchange banner displays over the previous 4 months) Such figures are increasing daily.
A robots.txt file on the old site's webhost prevented most search engines from being able to index the site. So angelfire pages were submitted that linked to the site's pages instead. About January 1999 both excite and webcrawler dropped the site from their indexes. Traffic from these search engines easily accounted for 100 page views a day. Listing in these search engines should resume soon and boost traffic appropriately.

Maximum page views in a 24 hour period as of March 11, 1999 slightly more than 800 (as determined by linkexchange banner displays)was experienced during 1998 after extended time consuming relevant newsgroup posting.

3/4/99 to 3/10/99 most visited site pages average daily page views(linkexchange)

Note: Statistics are from the site when it was located at its previous server. Corresponding pages of the new site are listed in lieu of the old site's pages. Some of these pages are dramatically redesigned.

Home Page 84

Prop and Costume Collecting Main page (propmain) 45

Prop and Costume Links 35

My Props and Costumes 22


3/4/99 to 3/10/99 page views per day







3/10/99- 413


As of March 11, 1999 this site has been visited by visitors from more than 47 nations

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