The sites listed below have historically been the top 5 referring sites to this site. (excluding search engines and categorical indexes of the web. These stats refer to this site as maintained at the old address in essence an on line magazine with new "issues" published seasonally. One is published in the spring another addition to the site is published in the Fall for example. This sites delves into the inner workings of prop creation and collecting. This is the site of famed prop creater Richard Coyle and provides in depth coverage and information about Original and reproduction Classic Star Trek props. Articles are sometimes written by Richard Coyle and often are merely submitted by others for publication on this site. a site selling a variety of 35 mm film pieces in addition to having props from the Sentinel TV show and various other shows site of the Sci-fi Prop Museum. This is a site of a collector, but often things are featured for sale at this site. Primarily an Aliens collector, but this site features pictures and info about various other productions that this site's creator has things from. a V tv series related site. Features extensive television series episode summaries and is among the best V sites on the internet. site of a replicator that produces replica based on a wide range of productions from star wars to star trek.

This section will be updated often and sites that consistantly refer traffic to this site in quantity will be added. This section serves as way to help webmasters that have helped this site to grow in popularity..

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