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Happy Gilmore

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Character Profiles

Happy Gilmore played by Adam Sandler

Happy Gilmore is a man that wants to be a hockey player more than anything. He can't skate and is finally kicked off his hockey team. When his friend Chubbs sees him hit a golf ball farther than almost anyone he's seen he tries to talk Happy into taking on a career as a golfer. At first the tacky pants of golf are a turn off but when prize money is at stake Happy changes his tune. Gilmore plays golf with his long drive, loud profanity, and physical antics when he misses. He plays to try to raise the money to save his grandmother's house from the IRS, and to win over the girl of his dreams Virginia Venit.

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Virginia Venit played by Julie Bowen

Virginia works for the Professonal Golf Assocation as a public relations expert. Her mission is to help Happy Gilmore improve his image so that sponsors will continute to spend money. Viriginia also is Gilmore's woman of his dreams.

Grandma Gilmore played by Frances Bay

Grandma Gilmore is Happy's grandmother. She is in danger of losing her home because she hasn't paid income taxes in decades. Gilmore enters a golf tour to try to raise the money it will take to save his grandmother's home.

Chubbs Peterson played by Carl Weathers

Chubbs is Gilmore's golf instructor. He has a wooden hand because he lost his hand to a one eyed alligator during a golf game. He takes it upon himself to share his knowledge with Gilmore whom he sees has great promise as a golfer. Chubbs ultimately dies in an accident but his spirit motivates Gilmore to be the best he can at golf in all ways including his short game.

Shooter McGavin played by Christopher McDonald

Shooter is the current champion that Happy wishes to dethrone so that the championship's prize money can save his grandmothers house. Shooter competes with Happy in the area of golf and women. Shooter desire's Virginia just like Happy does. Shooter is a showoff and gets his name from the fact he likes to make a childish shooting expression with his fingers when he knocks the golf ball in the hole. Shooter realy loves the championship jacket he has been wearing for years and is not eager to lose it to Gilmore.

Happy's Caddy played by Jared Van Snellenberg

This is Happy's caddy, formerly a homeless bum. Happy transforms him into a sidekick of sorts that suits his style and antics. Frequently drunk and eager to take handouts he is a far cry from the prim and proper caddies all the other golfers have.

Bob Barker played by himself

Bob Barker of the Price is Right appears in Happy Gilmore during a celebrity golf tournament. He is paired with Gilmore but grows dissatisfied with Gilmore's performance. After a bit of taunting, Happy has had it and so he fights with Bob Barker. Ultimately Bob Barker wins the fight and walks away with a clever swear phrase that is quite humorous considering Bob Barker's nice guy image on the Price is Right.

Mr. Larson played by Richard Kiel

Mr. Larson is played by Richard Kiel, famous for playing the character Jaws in the James Bond movie series. He is one of Happy Gilmore's most ardent fans. He enjoys intimidating Shooter and states that he will meet up with him in the parking lot after the game. When that time finally comes Mr. Larson instructs Shooter to "Stay Still" while he and other Gilmore fans give shooter one hell of a beating.

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Donald the Jeering fan played by Joe Flaherty (I)

Donald is the heckler hired by Shooter to try to distract Happy Gilmore during a critical golf tournament game. Donald goes around yelling jackass this and that. Before his damage is done, he crashes his car into a metal support structure which blocks the path that Happy Gilmore must drive his golf ball through.

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