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Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones and the Raiers of the Lost Ark

Indiana Jones, a professor of archaeology tells his students of his adventures in lectures day after day. But one artifact he never found but always wanted was the arc of the covenant. During WWII he competes with Nazi's who seek the Arc of the Covenant as does he. It is found in a vast tomb of serpents. Indiana finds it hoists it up and then is trapped in by the Germans. He does find his way out by crashing a support pillar into the wall of the tomb. After escaping he fights an airplane mechanic and then takes out on horse to reclaim the Arc. In a dramatic ending the Arc lights up the skies as it burns the Nazi's holding it alive. The world is saved and Indie returns to his job as a professor.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Indiana travels to a vast land of primitive techonology and enslaving religion. He saves a girl set to be sacrificed and kills the leader of the religious group. In the movie Indiana is offered monkey brains for lunch, and knives and whips for sport. But Indiana always comes out on top.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Indiana and his father engage in one last quest together for the cup that promises eternal life. This was the cup that supposedly Jesus of Nazerth drank from. After being forced to proceed through traps and dangers so that another of greed can find the cup, the cup is found. Indiana's father is shot to motivate him to find the cup for real. A knight guards the cup, and Indiana must select which one the cup is from among dozens. He picks the one with the least amount of piszaz as he knew a carpenter would have no money for an elaborate cup. He saves his dad but the cup is lost forever.

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