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The Matrix

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Thomas A. Anderson/Neo played by Keanu Reeves

Mr. Anderson is a quiet computer programmer with a world that makes perfect sense to him. That is until Morpheus and his crew offer Mr. Anderson the knowledge of the true state of the world. With the ingestion of a single pill Mr. Anderson gets a glimpse into the true world and the fact that machines have created an artificial world that he enjoys and has been his reality. Mr. Anderson is pulled from the Matrix and becomes Neo. He trains with Morpheus and his beleif that Neo is the one that can save the human race from the controls of the Matrix.

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Morpheus played by Laurence Fishburne

Morpheus is a commander of a ship, the Nebuchadnezzar that is one of the few places that people under the control of their own conciousness still exist. Most everyone else is plugged into an artificial world known as the Matrix. Morpheus believes that Neo is "the one" that can rescue humanity who is largely under the control of a computer simulation. When captured Morphues struggles with all he has to keep from giving the security codes to the entrance of the human habitatat Zion to the agents of the Matrix.

Trinity played by Carrie-Anne Moss

Trinity is sent in to meet Mr. Anderson in the Matrix world. She comes to have a close bond with him when Mr. Anderson becomes Neo and joins the crew of the Nebuchadnezzar and its mission to spread the truth about the Matrix and the real world to humanity. When everyone else loses faith in Neo, Trinity just can't. In a daring attack to free Morpheus from captivity she shows her strength as she blasts through a command center with Neo.

Mouse the Hacker played by Matt Doran

This is the film's geek who enjoys the inner working of the Matrix. He even designs his own female program known as the girl in red whom he shows off to Neo with much pride. Other than a Saved by the Bell, Screech like appearance this character just serves as a means to include a stereotypical nerd in the movie.

Tank played by Marcus Chong

Tank and his brother are the only two humans who serve on Morpheus' ship that are natural born humans. Tank usually stays behind and maintains the network setup when others from his crew enter the Matrix on missions. When Cypher betrays Morpheus, Tank kills him by surprise.

Agents of the Matrix

The agents of the Matrix are superpowerful program variables inside the Matrix that are used to maintain order. Any human being connected to the Matrix can potentially become an agent if such is needed. Agents are able to stretch the limits of the Matrix construct in ways that human's can't until Neo. Agents can dodge bullets, do superhuman jumps, and coordinate attacks with others who dwell in the Matrix as Cops or Security. The agent shown most in the movie is "Mr. Smith" who makes the simple phrase "Mr. Anderson" a Hollywood classic.

Cypher played by Joe Pantoliano

This is one of the crew members of Morpheus' ship. Over time he becomes upset with his fate in life. Cypher strikes a bargain with agents of the Matrix in which he will be given a new identity as Mr. Reagon a person of importance and money. Cypher is a believer in ignorance being bliss and can't wait until he can enjoy all the foods he has been denied while serving with Morpheus. Cypher agrees to give up Morpheus in exchange for this new life.

Matrix Ordinary Troops

These ordinary looking SWAT Team members work for the Matrix. They are not like agents but instead programs being carried out by living beings to entertain their minds. These troops are not very bright and are easily outmaneuvered by Morpheus and his hacker crew.

The Matrix Itself

The Matrix is a computer software program that is used to entertain the minds of humans that are utilized as batteries. While humans do not move or truly live apart from their chambers which feed them and harness their electrical energies the Matrix makes them believe they do. The Matrix employees "Agents" or superpowerful programs to hunt down any that threaten the validity of the Matrix. People who are not a part of the Matrix can hack in and influence everyone else who is. These hackers think that one day they may find "the One" who can control the Matrix and free everyone who is enslaved by its false sensations.

Switch played by Belinda McClory

Switch has a really minor role in the film. She basically is just another female character other than Trinity. Switch physically resembles the character Bridget Nelson played as the wife of a Russian champion boxer in Rocky IV. After being killed her absence is barely even noticed in the movie.

The Oracle played by Gloria Foster

The Oracle is a lady whom Morpheus has a good deal of confidence in. She has existed since the beginning of the revolution against the Matrix and enjoys baking cookies. The Oracle has the power to help people find their purposes in life and their futures. She tells Neo that he is not "the One" meant to save everyone from the Matrix. In spite of this information Neo ultimately starts to believe and becomes the most powerful human mind that interacts with the Matrix.

Spoon Boy played by Rowan Witt

Neo meets this boy while waiting to visit the Oracle. Spoon boy has the power to bend spoons with his mind. He reveals that his power comes from the fact that he realizes there is no spoon.

The Woman in Red played by Fiona Johnson

This beautiful woman is invented and placed into the Matrix by the hacker mouse for his own entertainment.

Dozer played by Anthony Ray Parker

Dozer has a minor role in the movie. He is the brother of Tank and a human born naturally in Zion a well protected human stronghold outside of the control of the Matrix. Dozer along with his brother often stay behind to maintain things behind the scenes when his shipmates enter the Matrix.

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