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Predator Movies


An intergalactic hunter travels the universe in search of interesting and unusual prey. He is a predator, a killer for sport, rather than for survival. Periodically he travels to Earth in search of recreational hunting. He has hunted men, he has hunted animals. In this film he hunts a small group of US soldiers. Arnold Schwarznegger, Carl Weathers, Jessie Ventura, and Richard Chaves (War of the World's TV series star) form the heart of the group that travels in the jungle and encounters the Predator. At first it hunts them one by one, and none appears to know who or what it is that hunts them. They do not know why they are hunted or even how. Burned with laser weapons, dismembered when killed, and displayed as trophies the actions of their hunter puzzles them. But then the group decides its time to fight back. Mines and other explosive traps proved ineffective against their predator. Instead they form a labryinth of traditional trip wires, log traps, and various other snares and traps. This at least warns the group when the predator attempts to attack them next. One of the men standing guard during the night breaks his razer on his own face because he is quite frightened of the terror that awaits them. Ultimately all of the group are eradicated or wounded except for Arnold, and a lone female captive. Arnold throws down his weapons because he believes the Predator will not hunt an unarmed man with ranged weapons. This works as the Predator then removes his weapons and a one on one slug fest ensues. Arnold has the living crap beat out of him literally. But finally the Predator is tricked into a trap as a support board is kicked loose and one gigantic log falls on the Predator. Wounded and dying, The Predator smiles and then sets some timing device on his arm. After determining its some sort of countdown Arnold takes off. A small nuclear blast ensues. The film features Jessie Ventura (governor of Minnesota since the late 1990's). He uses a gigantic gatling gun that literally chops trees down. Another character appeals to Indian tradition and kills himself rather than face the Predator. Carl Weathers goes down for the count fighting hard; much like how he went down in Rocky II. Predator is the ultimate hunting movie; as the hunter becomes the hunted. And in the vast universe who is to say that better Predators than man do not exist?

Predator 2

After the death of a member of their race on Earth in the past, additional Predators descend on the planet to find out more about what happened. They arrive in Los Angeles and encounter a police officer played by Danny Glover. A special scientific unit from the police attempts to uncover the reason for the strange ritualistic deaths that have occured in the area. The cause is simple its a Predator on the prowl. Danny Glover chases one of these beasts throughout the city until finally finding the alien's ship. On the ship several other Predators are found as are skulls of all the things they have hunted including dinosaurs from the Earth, and Alien skulls (from another 20th century fox production with Sigourney Weaver). In the end Danny Glover uses one of the Predators knife like weapons to kill a Predator. Many other Predators then enter the room and surround him. As if motivated by the honor of warriors, one of the Predators gives the man a human firearm from the 1700's and tells him to "take it." Then the Predators leave and all becomes peaceful again.

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