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Short Time

A police investigator can't wait to retire. All appears to be set for him and his retirement until he discovers from his doctor that he only has a few weeks to live. A life insurance policy at his job would guarantee his family's security, but it requires for him to die in the line of duty. So this detective travels the city looking for a way to die in the line of duty. In one scene a criminal races down a flight of stairs and fires at him a few times. The detective exclaims "You missed me again, you idiot." This scene has to be seen to be believed. Driving at speeds beyond comprehension, he can't seem to wreck. He can't seem to get shot. How will he ever die in time to assure his family's financial security. At the film's end, he discovers that their was a mixup at the hospital and that he infact is not dying at all. This is a most ironic twist to a movie in which one man just wants to die but can't find a way to.

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