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Starship Troopers

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Lieutenant Johnny Rico played by
Casper Van Dien

Johnny Rico is a kid fresh out of High School that wants purpose and importance in life. He wants to be a mobile infantryman. By becoming a soldier he will gain citizenship and the ability to vote and be a part of the power structure of his world. His friends Carmen and Carl enlist in the armed forces too but in different branches. So the three have to part for a period of time. After proving himself in combat Rico becomes an officer and then towards the end of the movie he is giving the same sort of speech that his former Commanding Officer gave to him to motivate his troops. In a sense Johnny Rico is the future of the Mobile Infantry.

Private Dizzy Flores played by Dina Meyer

Dizzy fantasized about Johnny Rico while in High School but never found the courage to ask him out. When Johnny enlists in the mobile infanty she signs up to and manages to get transferred to Johnny's unit as well. Dizzy is a gutsy woman and when her boot camp instructer asks if anyone wishes to fight him one on one Dizzy steps forward and fights well. Ultimately her instructer wins but Dizzy showed just how determined she was. Dizzy gets her chance to be with Johnny Rico romantically just once before she dies in battle via an alien bug flamethrower.

Pilot Cadet Carmen Ibanez played by
Denise Richards

Carmen was a friend of Johnny Rico and Carl Jenkins growing up. All three of these friends enlist in the armed forces of their world in an attempt to do something about the alien bug attacks that are wrecking their world. Carmen becomes a pilot, while Carl becomes a military scientist, and Rico becomes an ordinary mobile infantryman.

Colonel Carl Jenkins played by
Neil Patrick Harris

Carl plays a scientist whose mission is to discover weaknesses of the alien bugs that are attacking the Earth. Its hard to see Neil Patrick Harris of Doogie Howser fame playing a serious scientist. At the end of the movie Carl mentally connects with an alien brain bug and discovers that the creature is afraid for the future because humanity's attacks on the bugs are proving effective.

Lieutenant Jean Rasczak played by
Michael Ironside

This is a one armed instructer that teaches his class about the history of force and power in the world. To Jean force more than anything else determines the fate of things. Anything else is wishful thinking at best. Jean has one real arm as the other was lost in combat. He uses a mechanical arm in place of the one he lost and loses his life defending a fort on an Alien infested planet.

Career Sergeant Zim played by Clancy Brown

This is the man in charge of boot camp for the group of recruits that Johnny Rico trains with. The Sergeant is a man of absolute discipline. He dares anyone to see if they can best him in a one on one fight. No man stands forward but a female enlistee, Dizzy Flores steps forward. She does well at first but ultimately the Sergeant's experience beats her in physical combat. The Sergenat responds to a question about what good is a knife in a nuke fight by tossing a knife at the soldier that uttered the question. Without the hand to push a button a nuke is useless. Frequent trips to the medic are necessary for many of his trainees from time to time.

Zander Barcalow played by Patrick Muldoon

Zander is Carmen's copilot. The two of them pilot a giant spacevessel that travels to a world of alien infestation. Zander and Carmen crash on the planet and fend for themselves against multitudes of alien bugs. They are kept alive as research material by the aliens but a rescue attempt is tried by Johnny Rico and some of his mobile infantryman. Carmen is rescued but Zander dies by having his brain sucked out by an alien bug.

Captain Deladier of the Roger Young played by Brenda Strong

This is the commander of the spaceship Carmen pilots. The Captain dies trying to escape from her ship before it crashes.

Breckinridge played by Eric Bruskotter

This mobile infantryman is the guy that thinks all of his boot camp training with knives is absurd. He asks "What good is a knife in a nuke fight" to his instructor. His instructor responds by tossing a knife at the soldiers arm. He then tells the soldier without a hand to press a button in a nuke fight the nuke is useless. In a training scene featuring live ammo this soldier takes off his helmet and is accidentally killed by another soldier's shooting.

General Owen played by Marshall Bell

This was the commander of the outpost that the mobile infantry are dispatched to known as Wiskey. He is found scared, incoherant, and in hiding when the mobile infantry arrive.

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