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They Live

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John Nada played by Roddy Piper

John Nada is a laid off blue collar worker who discovers a conspiracy of control caused by aliens who truly are the rulers of Earth. When John puts on a pair of sunglasses he is able to see the aliens and their means of propaganda for the first time. He fights with a friend Keith David in one of Hollywood's truly most gruelling brawls ever. Then they two decide to travel together to try to stop the aliens. John also tries to convince a reporter Holly of the alien's presence on the Earth but his attempt fails at first.

Frank played by Keith David

Frank is a friend of John Nada who absolutely refuses to try on a pair of sunglasses that Nada says allow people to see aliens who exist on Earth. After a long brawl Frank finally tries the glasses on and joins Nada on his quest to fight the aliens.

Holly played by Meg Foster

Holly is a reporter for a local Television station. Her world is as plain as can be until John Nada appears and tries to force her to believe aliens rule the planet but only a pair of magic sunglasses enable Nada to see the aliens true form. Holly takes Mr Nada to be a kidnapper, and a quack of course. Nada is literally taken out with the trash. Eventually Holly comes to Believe Nada and even helps him get into her Television station where the aliens transmit their subliminal messages which enable them to maintain control.

Gilbert played by Peter Jason

Gilbert is a leader of a human resistance organization that aims to rid the planet of alien rule. John Nada attends one of Gilbert's meetings but the meeting is interrupted by the aliens themselves who kill everyone they can at Gilbert's meeting. Gilbert distributes sunglasses that allow people to see the aliens.

Street Preacher played by Raymond St. Jacques

This preacher is seen on the streets by John Nada preaching about the dangers of beasts that are already here. He appears to be crazy but he has truth to what he says.

Human Resistance Speaker

This man is a voice of sorts for the human resistance. His words are seen in video tapes by John Nada. With an almost religious paranoia the man tells of the controls aliens have over humanity.

Alien Collaborator

This man is a supporter of the alien power structure on Earth. He is rewarded for his loyalty with money and other perks by the aliens. He tries to convince John Nada to fall in line and enjoy the perks the aliens can offer as well, but he fails to convince John Nada to do this.

Formaldehyde Face

This is the alien that John Nada spots in the grocery store with his sunglasses on. He calls her formaldehyde face because of the rotted face look the aliens have.

The Aliens

The Aliens are seen in a variety of positions of power on planet Earth. On the left an alien poses as a businessman and uses a handheld device to get away when his life is in danger. On the right an alien poses as a police officer which is an important post for an alien force eager to maintain the order it has established on the planet.

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