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Terminator 2 Hero Endoskeleton Rifle

*Note the gun shell is authentic and originally housed a live fire weapon. It was replaced by the weapons handler with a rubber calico gunl. This is the reason the bottom barrel does not protrude as far as originally the barrel of the live fire weapon stuck out there. This is 1 of 3 known to exist from the second Terminator movie.

This weapon was used by the full size endoskeleton terminators at the beginning of Terminator 2. It originally housed a live fire Calico rifle. The live fire weapon or rubber stand in that I have is secured extremely well inside the shell.

Screen Cap

Picture of Another Screen Used Endo Rifle Shell owned by Fuller French in the past

*Image Courtesy Hollywood Hardware

This gun is a shell like mine without a rubber pistol or rifle inside, yet its bottom rifle barrel is I believe a glued in or otherwise attached barrel. Normally the barrel from the live fire weapon would be what one sees here.


Side Show licensed replica Limited to 500

*Custom Fanmade Replica sold mainly from a dealer in the Uk also was made

*A few casts off screen used guns both without and without barrel sticking out bottom of gun.

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